Google Public DNS 接受法國法院的阻擋要求

看到「Google, Cloudflare & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention」這篇,法國在 2022 年通過的體育法律反過來干涉 ISP 或是服務提供商需要配合阻擋:

Tampering with public DNS is a step too far for many internet advocates but for major rightsholders, if the law can be shaped to allow it, that’s what will happen. In this case, Article L333-10 of the French Sports Code (active Jan 2022) seems capable of accommodating almost anything.

拿文章裡面提到的 測試,實際在法國開一台 Vultr 的 VPS 測試各家 Public DNS 服務,看起來目前 Google Public DNS 已經實作了,而且傳回了 RFC 8914: Extended DNS Errors 內的 EDE 16:

$ dig @

; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 512
; EDE: 16 (Censored): (The requested domain is on a court ordered copyright piracy blocklist for FR (ISO country code). To learn more about this specific removal, please visit
;                  IN      A

目前拿 (Cloudflare)、 (Quad9) 以及 (OpenDNS) 都還沒有看到被擋。

另外實際測試,自己架設 Unbound 看起來就可以繞過去了,不知道後續會不會要求更多,像是直接要求在 internet backbone 上面過濾 DNS?(當年推 DNS over TLSDNS over HTTPS 總算要派上用場了?)

另外就是看 Cloudflare 以及其他 Public DNS 服務有沒有反對的動作...

紐約時報網站上 Tor 的 Hidden Service (i.e. Tor Onion Service)

紐約時報官方把整個站台放到 TorHidden Service 上了:「The New York Times is Now Available as a Tor Onion Service」。

而且也買了 SSL certficiate:

The address for our Onion Service is:


The Times is dedicated to delivering quality, independent journalism, and our engineering team is committed to making sure that readers can access our journalism securely. This is why we are exploring ways to improve the experience of readers who use Tor to access our website.