下一個版本的 Chrome (56) 將會對要求卡號或是密碼的 HTTP 站台標示「Not Secure」

如同之前在「Google Chrome 56 將會對 HTTP 網站標示「Not secure」」提到的規劃,Google Chrome 56 (也就是下一個版本) 將會對要求卡號或是密碼的站台標示「Not Secure」:「Chrome 56 Beta: “Not Secure” warning, Web Bluetooth, and CSS position: sticky」。

比較九月的 screenshot 與最近的 screenshot,從「Not secure」變成「Not Secure」了... 這是九月的:




在「Guessing Credit Card Security Details」這邊看到的攻擊手法,基本上無解,除非信用卡的網路交易也全面改成使用晶片...


  • 先去找數家只需要「卡號 + 日期」的網站,用暴力法踹出日期 (假設五年就是 60 次)。
  • 再去找數十家需要「卡號 + 日期 + CVV2」的網站,用暴力法踹出 CVV2 (1000 次)。

所以 1060 次就擺平了... 就算所有網站都需要 CVV2,也是 60000 次的嘗試而已 (找數千個網站來踹),算是完全可行的方案。而目前只能靠 workaround 來防止,像是需要多輸入姓名與地址之類的資訊來擋...

把 CSC (卡片背面的三碼) 變成 OTP (動態密碼)

把信用卡背面的後三碼 (Card security code) 變成動態密碼,雖然一般只會有三碼,但對於網路消費應該會有不少幫助,不過這樣就不能完全不拿出卡片了...:「This high-tech card is being rolled out by French banks to eliminate fraud」。

產品叫做 MotionCode,會先從法國開始:

Today both Société Générale and Groupe BPCE, two of France’s largest banking groups, are preparing to roll out these cards across all their customers after completing a pilot scheme last year.


There are other pilots underway in Poland and Mexico, and Davis is running Oberthur’s UK operation with the hope of getting a pilot or trial started with a UK bank soon.

MasterCard 在英國被告收取過高的手續費

在「Mastercard sued for $19 billion in Britain's biggest damages claim」這邊看到的幾個重點,第一個是歐盟對國際手續費 1% 的限制:(雖然 Brexit...)

A lawyer working on the case said Mastercard charged shops fees in excess of 1 percent for card use on international transactions between 1992 and 2008.Although the EU's anti-trust regulator only ruled Mastercard's international fees were illegal, this impacted British consumers as it was the default fee used in Britain.


Two years ago, the European Union capped the fees retailers pay at 0.2 percent for debit cards and 0.3 percent for credit cards.

唔... (回頭看台灣的帳單)

Linode 收 PayPal 了,只是...

Linode 宣佈支援 PayPal 了:「PayPal Payments」,只是:

While any customer can use PayPal to fund their account, new customers will still need to sign up using a credit card. You can use PayPal from then on.


This is in part because we don’t yet have the ability to automatically transfer funds from PayPal. If you intend on paying only via PayPal, you will need to ensure that you have enough credit on your Linode account to cover your next invoice. Otherwise, our system will attempt to collect any remaining balance from the credit card you have on file.

這理由爛爆了 XDDD

Humble Bundle 對抗信用卡盜刷的方法

Humble Bundle 說明他們如何對抗信用卡盜刷的方法,主要是不斷的降低風險,然後讓人介入的機會降低 (因為人事成本很高):「How Humble Bundle stops online fraud」。


Our first line of defense is a machine-learning-based anti-abuse startup called Sift Science, which we’ve been training for years across 55,000,000 transactions. Given how many orders we process, Sift Science has a really good idea when someone is up to no good. The model adapts daily as we get more data.

Sift Science 在 2014 的時候提過:「偵測信用卡交易是否為盜刷的服務」。做的事情很簡單,你把大量的資料傳給 Sift Science,包括了各種使用者身份資訊,以及信用卡資料,Sift Science 可以透過 Machine Learning 的方法告訴你這筆交易的風險,讓你進一步的判斷。

其實不少家都有做類似的服務,像是 MaxMindminFraud (就是做 GeoIP database 很有名的那家公司的另外一個產品)。當交易量很大的時候是個很有趣的應用,降低處理盜刷後續處理的成本。

超強的萬用信用卡 Plastc 的原型工程版出來了...

剛剛收到 Plastc 通知信說他們更新消息,有 prototype 的示範影片可以看了:「Plastc Prototype in Action」。


而這是工程版的 prototype 示範影片:


Pre-order (預購) 是 USD$155,而寄到台灣要多加 USD$10 的費用,所以是 USD$165。我就當跟當初買挖礦機的風險一樣好了,沒預期會拿到東西。

如果你有興趣,而且也願意承擔最後有可能沒出貨的風險,可以用我的連結購買:https://share.plastc.com/x/NO0S0J,我跟你都會拿到 USD$20 的好處:

They’ll receive a $20 discount when they pre-order Plastc, and you’ll receive a $20 Amazon gift card with your Plastc Card.



分析信用卡四位數密碼的分佈:「PIN number analysis」。


Obviously, I don’t have access to a credit card PIN number database. Instead I’m going to use a proxy. I’m going to use data condensed from released/exposed/discovered password tables and security breaches.

19xx 那邊特別高,拉出來看可以看到分佈:(很像是出生年 XDDD)

相同的 abab (前兩碼與後兩碼相同) 也可以看出特別高,而 aaaa (四碼都一樣) 的特別亮:


另外是特別高的 1004 的原因:

Many people also asked the significance of 1004 in the four character PIN table. This comes from Korean speakers. When spoken, "1004" is cheonsa (cheon = 1000, sa=4).

"Cheonsa" also happens to be the Korean word for Angel.

CloudFlare 通過 PCI DSS 3.1 Level 1

CloudFlare 宣佈通過 PCI DSS 3.1 Level 1:「CloudFlare is now PCI 3.1 certified」。

早在去年的時候 CloudFlare 就已經通過 PCI DSS 2.0 Level 1:「CloudFlare is PCI Certified」,這次過 PCI DSS 3.1 主要還是因為 2.0 即將失效,不升級就不能處理信用卡資料了...