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加拿大禁止透過 ISP 發送版權侵害通知

因為被濫用的關係,加拿大決定禁止版權擁有人透過 ISP 發送版權侵害通知:「Canada Prohibits Piracy Settlement Demands in ISP Copyright Notices」。


Moving forward, rightsholders will not be allowed to send copyright infringement notices for ISPs to pass onto their customers, if they contain a direct or indirect offer to settle.

TorrentFreak 的文章裡也提到了,就是要阻止這樣的行為變成「產業」:

The development effectively ends Rightscorp-style business models in Canada.


Bill C-86, the Budget Implementation Act, has now received royal assent, so there will be some big changes in the Great White North. Section 41.‍25 of the Copyright Act is now amended with the addition of the following;

(3) A notice of claimed infringement shall not contain:

(a) an offer to settle the claimed infringement;
(b) a request or demand, made in relation to the claimed infringement, for payment or for personal information;
(c) a reference, including by way of hyperlink, to such an offer, request or demand; and
(d) any other information that may be prescribed by regulation.

Amazon CloudFront 加拿大機房 (然後順便提一下 CloudFlare...)

Amazon CloudFront 增加了加拿大的點:「Amazon CloudFront Expands to Canada」,一次開了兩個機房:

I am happy to announce that we are adding CloudFront edge locations in Toronto and Montreal in order to better serve our users in the region, bringing the global count up to 59 (full list).


總算記得加拿大這個國家了 XDDD

另外一個是昨天發現 CloudFlare台灣固網 (以及台灣大哥大用戶) 已經直連了,看起來是六月底的時候就通了,只是一直沒注意到:

這樣台灣主要的 ISP 對 CloudFlare 都有直連了...