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在「California bosses can no longer ask you about your previous salary」這邊看到的消息。繼「麻州立法禁止詢問前一份工作的薪資」與「紐約市也將禁止雇主詢問薪資」後,加州也加入了這個行列。 The salary privacy bill, was enacted by Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday, Oct. 12, at a celebratory signing ceremony at Women’s Empowerment, a Sacramento nonprofit for homeless women. He … Continue reading

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2013 的時候提過「加州的手機防竊提案...」,後來在 2015 年生效: In a press release sent to reporters on Thursday, George Gascón said that since the law went into effect on July 1, 2015[,] 在兩大陣營都有類似的功能: Such a kill switch has become standard in all iPhones ("Activation Lock") … Continue reading

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Facebook 的臉部辨認系統將被搬上法院,確認是否違法

在「Lawsuit challenging Facebook’s facial recognition system moves forward」這邊提到了 Facebook 的臉部辨認系統將被搬上法院確認是否違法。 Facebook 首先提出 Terms of Service 內規定不受依利諾州法律管理,只受加州以及聯邦法律管理,而依利諾州推翻這項規範,認為原告有權在依利諾州提起訴訟: Today's decision focused on the question of whether the Illinois law is applicable to Facebook, one of the major legal hurdles facing the plaintiffs. … Continue reading

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加州在規劃廢除日光節約時間:「California could drop Daylight Saving Time」。 A California lawmaker has introduced a bill to unshackle the Golden State from the horological chains of Daylight Saving Time. 主要是沒有實質效益,甚至是與當初預期的反效果: Daylight saving time is observed in about 70 countries worldwide, but its benefits … Continue reading

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由於手機的行竊與搶劫案件已經是美國目前遇到的重大問題,所以有幾位法界人士提案,要立法強制對手機業者實作行動電話的防竊機制:「Proposed California Law Would Mandate Smartphone Kill Switch」,報導在「Proposed California law would mandate smartphone kill switch」。 希望藉由這套防竊機制,讓銷贓變得困難,希望藉此降低手機行竊與搶劫的案件數量... Kill Switch 的機制並沒有詳細說明,不過應該就是類似目前 Apple 的方式?可以遠端強制對手機下鎖上甚至銷毀的命令...

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