Amazon EC2 的 C5 家族...

Amazon EC2 推出新的 instance:「Now Available – Compute-Intensive C5 Instances for Amazon EC2」,官方宣稱這次單位價錢的效能與 C4 相比大約提升了 25%,而極端的情況可以到 50%:

The new instances offer a 25% price/performance improvement over the C4 instances, with over 50% for some workloads.

這次比較特別的是切分方式,是 large、xlarge、2xlarge、4xlarge、9xlarge (咦?) 以及 18xlarge (...)。

然後亞洲區都還沒上 XD

You can launch C5 instances today in the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland) Regions in On-Demand and Spot form (Reserved Instances are also available), with additional Regions in the works.

AWS 最新的 x1.32xlarge...

Amazon EC2 推出了 x1.32xlarge:「X1 Instances for EC2 – Ready for Your Memory-Intensive Workloads」。


Processor: 4 x Intel™ Xeon E7 8880 v3 (Haswell) running at 2.3 GHz – 64 cores / 128 vCPUs.
Memory: 1,952 GiB with Single Device Data Correction (SDDC+1).
Instance Storage: 2 x 1,920 GB SSD.


If you are ready to start using the X1 instances in the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Singapore), or Asia Pacific (Sydney) Regions, please request access and we’ll get you going as soon as possible.

這樣以後就不能說「用 C4 就對了」...

Amazon EC2 的 C4、M4、R3 降價 (約 5%)

應該是各項成本的降低的順勢降價,幅度約 5%:「Happy New Year – EC2 Price Reduction (C4, M4, and R3 Instances)」。

C4 與 R3 是針對 CPU 與記憶體,M4 則是一般性的 instance,都是最新的系列。看起來是累積到過年後發一篇用的?價錢馬上生效,同時 On-Demand 的部份回朔到月初:

Changes to the On-Demand and Dedicated host pricing are retroactive to the beginning of the month (January 1, 2016); the new Reserved instance pricing is in effect today. During the month, your billing estimates may not reflect the reduced prices. They will be reflected in the statement at the end of the month.


EC2 instance Auto Recovery 功能全區開放

Twitter 上看到公告:「Announcement: EC2 instance Auto Recovery now available in 8 more AWS Regions」。

也就是 C3、C4、M3、R3、T2 這五種 instance 都可以開 Auto Recovery,而且必須在 VPC 內的 EBS-only instance。

在某種程度上的 High Availability 機制可以直接用這個功能解決掉。

Amazon EC2 的 C4 Instance


Anyway,Amazon EC2 推出 C4 Instance 了:「Now Available – New C4 Instances」。

來看看 c4.8xlarge,最近說不定用的上,不過要注意的是,C4 Instance 只支援 EBS only。

c4.8xlarge 的 ECU 是 132 (USD$1.856/hour) 而 c3.8xlarge 是 108 (USD$1.68/hour),跟 C3 相比,看起來更實惠一些。