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StartCom 決定關門

Hacker News 上看到 StartCom 決定關門的消息:「Termination of the certificates business of Startcom」。

2018 停發新的憑證,然後維護兩年 CRLOCSP 服務:

We´ll set January 1st 2018 as the termination date and will stop issuing certificates therefrom. We will maintain our CRL and OCSP service for two more years from January 1st 2018. The three pairs of StartCom key Roots will be eliminated after that time.


CMU 推出 Product Management 的課程

CMUCS (Computer Science) 發的新聞稿:「Carnegie Mellon Offers New Master's Degree in Product Management」。


One-Year Program Turns Computer Professionals Into "CEOs of the Product"

除了 CMU CS 外,也結合了 CMU 的 Tepper Business School 一起開:

A joint program of the university's School of Computer Science (SCS) and Tepper School of Business, the Master of Science in Product Management (MSPM) program will start January 2018.

另外一個不同角度的 Product Management。

Microsoft OneDrive for Business 會主動修改檔案內容...

先說 Microsoft OneDrive for Business,這個產品的定位是:

OneDrive for Business is cloud storage for business.
(取自 OneDrive for Business 網站 html 內的 description。)

但前幾天看到「Microsoft OneDrive for Business modifies files as it syncs」這篇新聞,提到 OneDrive for Business 會修改檔案內容:

透過 MD5 確認發現 MD5 值不相符的 screenshot。


不像是 cloud storage 應該有的行為...