LED 燈泡的壽命

在「What Happened to the 100,000-Hour LED Bulbs?」這邊看到在討論 LED 燈泡的壽命。比較感興趣的是到底業界怎麼計算 LED 燈泡的壽命。

前面提到很多因使用時間的增加而產生衰退與色偏,然後講到「壽命」的定義是,超過一半的燈泡低於 70% 的原始亮度所需要的時間:

Research says that most users won’t notice a gradual 30% drop in light levels; accordingly the industry has defined L70, the time at which the output has dropped to 70% of its initial level, as an endpoint for measuring LED bulb lifetime. Based on how it’s estimated, this measure is typically stated as B50-L70, the point at which 50% of an initial sample of bulbs will retain 70% of their rated output.

另外一個有趣的資料是,LED 燈泡故障的原因中,電源供應相關佔了最大的比率 (過半):