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在「openrsync imported into the tree」這邊看到 openrsync 專案進入到 OpenBSD 的 source tree 內。

rsync 是使用 GPLv3 授權,這個授權剛出來的時候,幾個比較大的 BSD 的團隊都有找律師研究過,最後都是做出不要把 GPLv3 的軟體放進 source tree 的建議,但 rsync 算是很好用的工具 (尤其是在效率上)。

看起來 openrsync 這個專案主要的目的就是重新實做出 ISC license 版本的 rsync:

This is an implementation of rsync with a BSD (ISC) license. It's compatible with a modern rsync (3.1.3 is used for testing, but any supporting protocol 27 will do), but accepts only a subset of rsync's command-line arguments.

然後目前只有設計在 OpenBSD 上跑,其他平台可能需要花些時間 porting 修正相容性:

At this time, openrsync runs only on OpenBSD. If you want to port to your system (e.g. Linux, FreeBSD), read the Portability section first.

GitHub 上的 Git repository 只是個 mirror,真正在管理程式碼的部份還是使用 CVS

This repository is a read-only mirror of a private CVS repository. I use it for issues and pull requests. Please do not make feature requests: I will simply close out the issue.

React 的專利授權議題

ASF (Apache Software Foundation) 全面禁止 Facebook 的 BSD+PATENTS 後 (「Apache Foundation 宣佈禁止使用 Facebook BSD+Patents 的軟體」),整件事情開始熱起來了...

簡單來說,Facebook 有意為之,而且不打算撤回這個有攻擊性的授權模式,參考「Explaining React's license」這邊官方的說明以及有人寫了一篇解讀:「If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)」。

Facebook 內的意見其實也不一樣,像是 Yarn 之所以沒有 PATENTS 是因為爭取出來的:


Apache Foundation 宣佈禁止使用 Facebook BSD+Patents 的軟體

在「RocksDB Integrations」這邊討論到 RocksDBFacebook 所使用的 Facebook BSD+Patents License。

不過因為 RocksDB 最近在換 license (從 Facebook BSD+Patents 換到 Apache License, Version 2.0),移除了 PATENTS 內的限制,需要看 PATENTS 的舊檔案可以在 PATENTS 這邊看到。

Chris Mattmann 正式發出決議禁用 Facebook BSD+Patents License。(參考最後)

另外也提到了 Facebook 是故意埋下這些限制:

Note also Roy's comment that he has discussed the matter with FB's counsel and the word is that the FB license is intentionally incompatible. It is hard to make the argument that it is compatible after hearing that. Pragmatically speaking, regardless of any semantic shaving being done, having a statement like that from the source of the license is very daunting. If they think it is incompatible, we need to not try to wheedle and convince ourselves it is not.

這個 license 之後應該會有更多挑戰...


As some of you may know, recently the Facebook BSD+patents license has been
moved to Category X (https://www.apache.org/legal/resolved#category-x).
Please see LEGAL-303 [1] for a discussion of this. The license is also referred
to as the ROCKSDB license, even though Facebook BSD+patents is its more
industry standard name.

This has impacted some projects, to date based on LEGAL-303
and the detective work of Todd Lipcon:

Samza, Flink, Marmotta, Kafka and Bahir

(perhaps more)

Please take notice of the following policy:

o No new project, sub-project or codebase, which has not
  used Facebook BSD+patents licensed jars (or similar), are allowed to use
  them. In other words, if you haven't been using them, you
  aren't allowed to start. It is Cat-X.

o If you have been using it, and have done so in a *release*,
  you have a temporary exclusion from the Cat-X classification thru
  August 31, 2017. At that point in time, ANY and ALL usage
  of these Facebook BSD+patents licensed artifacts are DISALLOWED. You must
  either find a suitably licensed replacement, or do without.
  There will be NO exceptions.

o Any situation not covered by the above is an implicit
  DISALLOWAL of usage.

Also please note that in the 2nd situation (where a temporary
exclusion has been granted), you MUST ensure that NOTICE explicitly
notifies the end-user that a Facebook BSD+patents licensed artifact exists. They
may not be aware of it up to now, and that MUST be addressed.

If there are any questions, please ask on the legal-discuss@a.o


Chris Mattmann
VP Legal Affairs

[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LEGAL-303

OpenBSD 將 ACME Client (Let's Encrypt Client) 納入系統

看到 OpenBSD 直接把 ACME 協定的 client 放進系統內,而 ACME 也就是 Let's Encrypt 所使用的協定:「Let's Encrypt client imported into -current」:

Module name:src
Changes by:florian@cvs.openbsd.org2016/08/31 16:01:42

Added files:
usr.sbin/acme-client: ChangeLog Makefile acctproc.c base64.c 
                      certproc.c chngproc.c dbg.c dnsproc.c 
                      extern.h fileproc.c http.c http.h jsmn.c 
                      jsmn.h json.c keyproc.c letskencrypt.1 
                      main.c netproc.c revokeproc.c rsa.c rsa.h 
                      sandbox-pledge.c util-pledge.c util.c 

Log message:
Import Kristaps' letskencrypt and call it acme-client in tree.
OK to get it in deraadt@ (and probably beck@)

At least deraadt@, beck@ and otto@ are fine with the name and the
disagreements stopped.

用的是 acme-client,先前叫做 letskencrypt,以 C 開發的 ACME client。

Cisco 的 H.264 實作放出來了...

Cisco 在十月宣佈的 Open source H.264 codec 已經在 GitHub 上放出來了:「Open Source H.264 Codec」,這個實作包括了 encoder 與 decoder。

用的是 BSD 2-Clause License:「LICENSE」。

目前的支援度:(直接複製 OS Support 這段)

  • Windows 64-bit and 32-bit (initial release is only 32-bit, 64-bit will follow soon)
  • Mac OS X 64-bit (initial release does not include this target, will follow soon)
  • Linux 64-bit and 32-bit (initial release is only 32-bit, 64-bit will follow soon)
  • Android 32-bit (initial release does not include this target, will follow soon)
  • iOS 64-bit and 32-bit (not supported yet, may be added in the future)

看起來目前只支援桌機上的 32bits...

然後已知的問題:(複製 Known Issues 這段)

  • Encoder errors when resolution exceeds 3840x2160
  • Encoder errors when compressed frame size exceeds half uncompressed size
  • Encoder console app only support multiple of 16 width/height for now
  • Decoder errors when compressed frame size exceeds 1MB


FreeBSD 10 的改變...

Zite 上看到 FreeBSD 10 的改變:「FreeBSD 10's New Technologies and Features」。

最耀眼的當然是對 GCC 的宣戰達到高潮,第一個將預設編譯器換掉的 major release。同樣的,也把 GNU 的 libstdc++ 換成 MIT license 實作的 libc++。

再來是 ISCBIND 被換掉,改用 Unbound 以及 LDNS

然後 UFS 檔案系統可以透過 growfs(8) 線上長大... XDDD

其他的改善包括了 iSCSI stack 重寫,PF 防火牆可以善用 SMP 資源,以及 ZFS 的更新。等正式出版後應該還是會等到 10.1 再上 production 吧?感覺 compiler 一換不知道會有多少雷啊 XD

FreeBSD snapshot 版本復出...

很久前 FreeBSD 有提供 weekly build (還是 daily build?) 讓人安裝,以前還蠻喜歡抓這個版本下來裝,因為解開 ports 的東西不會太舊。現在網路夠快,用 Portsnap 拉一下就抓完了...

不過對於希望能用 -STABLE 的人絕對是一個相當棒的服務 (通常發生在 -STABLE 從 -CURRENT 合併新功能進來時... 這時可以直接裝一台機器測試,而不用先裝 -RELEASE 再 re-compile kernel & world 升級):「FreeBSD Development Snapshot Availability」。

目前針對 10-CURRENT 放出 amd64、i386、powerpc、powerpc64 四個平台,9-STABLE 則是 amd64 與 i386,所以總共是六個支線,檔案在官方的 FTP 站上可以取得:「ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/」。

BSD make 與 GNU make 的 Makefile...

前陣子看到 fcamel 丟出來的舊文章:「Debugging make」,花了一些時間看裡面關於 BSD make 與 GNU make 的相同處,之後寫 Makefile 的時候應該會相當有幫助。

目前的目標是 FreeBSDUbuntu,文章裡面有提到三個變數在兩個平台是通用的,分別是 $< (The source from which the target is to be made)、$* (The base name of the target (no extensions or directory))、$@ (The full name of the target)。

另外文章後面也有提到不相容的地方... 如果能避免就儘量避免?

clang 的進展...

OSnews 上看到 clang 2.8 與其他幾個 compiler 的比較:「Compiler Benchmarks of GCC, LLVM-GCC, DragonEgg, Clang」。

以測試結果來說,如果改用 Clang,有些會變得比較快,但也有些變得比較差。不過以 license 以及後勁來看,還蠻看好發展的。六月的時候在 FreeBSD 的 -HEAD 裡面變成 default compiler,預定 9.0-RELEASE 會是 FreeBSD 上第一個用 clang 的版本... (感謝 lwhsu 戳中)