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iOS 11 的無線網路與藍芽關假的讓 EFF 不爽...

這次 iOS 11 的無線網路與藍芽需要到 Settings (設定) 裡面才能有效關掉的設計,讓 EFF 不爽寫了一篇文章:「iOS 11’s Misleading “Off-ish” Setting for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is Bad for User Security」。

On an iPhone, users might instinctively swipe up to open Control Center and toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off from the quick settings. Each icon switches from blue to gray, leading a user to reasonably believe they have been turned off—in other words, fully disabled. In iOS 10, that was true. However, in iOS 11, the same setting change no longer actually turns Wi-Fi or Bluetooth “off.”

不過藍芽的洞真的不少,儘量避免吧... +_+

用 Discoverable 藍牙裝置的資訊分析車流狀況...

前幾個禮拜在 Slashdot 上看到政府單位花了 54 萬美金建立藍牙監控網路,利用這些資訊可以分析出車流狀況:「Connecting To Unsecured Bluetooth Car Systems To Monitor Traffic Flow」,引用的報導在:「Bluetooth can help local traffic flow」。

有 3% 到 5% 的車流會有 Discoverable 模式的藍牙裝置,偵測這些 MAC address,就能夠判斷出車子行經的時間點與路線。

不過監控完後能幹什麼啊?我又想到 NSA 了...