Blogger (Blogspot) 全面提供 HTTPS 版本

Google 主動啟用了 HTTPS 版本:「Bringing HTTPS to all blogspot domain blogs」,預設會將 HTTPS 開起來:

As part of this launch, we're removing the HTTPS Availability setting. Even if you did not previously turn on this setting, your blogs will have an HTTPS version enabled.

另外提供 HTTPS Redirect 的選項,可以將訪客自動轉到 HTTPS 上:

custom domain 的部份不知道會怎麼提供...

Google 的 Blogspot (Blogger) 將支援 HTTPS

Google 宣佈 Blogspot (Blogger) 將會支援 HTTPS:「HTTPS support coming to Blogspot」。

配合 2014 年 Google 就已經公佈的「HTTPS as a ranking signal」,算是整個 Google 的趨勢...

強迫 Blogger (Blogspot) 使用 的網域 (而非 .tw)

在「Prevent Blogger from Redirecting your Blogspot Blog to Country-Specific URLs」這篇文章裡提到了 Blog 的擁有人要怎麼避免 Google 把網址導到 country-based 的網域下。

目前 Google Chrome 的使用者端可以安裝「NoCountryRedirect (NCR)」這個套件來避開這個問題,但你總不能要求每個人都裝套件...

而這篇文章則說明了如何在 Blogger 裡插入一段 javascript 避免使用 country-based domain:

<script type="text/javascript">
  // Written by Amit Agarwal
  /* Get the full URL of the current blogger page */
  var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();
  /* Do not redirect if the domain is .com already */
  if (!blog.match(/\.blogspot\.com/)) {
    /* Replace the country TLD with .com and ncr switch */
    blog = blog.replace(/\.blogspot\..*?\//, "");
    /* Redirect to the new .com URL in the current tab */
  // Source:

這樣做的好處主要是來自於 url 統一,對於統計、廣告以及分享的問題會減少很多。

拿掉 Blogger 的 Country Redirect

在台灣看 Blogger 時會被導到 網域,目的是為了要能夠支援 content filter,也就是「Why does my blog redirect to a country-specific URL? (ccTLD)」裡的這段:

Q: Why is this happening?
A: We are doing this to provide more support for managing content locally. If we receive a removal request that violates local law, that content may no longer be available to readers on local domains where those laws apply. This update is in line with our approach to free expression and controversial content, which hasn’t changed.

後來在 Chrome Web Store 上翻到可以透過 NCR 固定在 domain 上的方法了:「NoCountryRedirect (NCR)」,透過 /ncr 重導設定 NCR cookie...