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Facebook 在 MySQL 裡存時間的型態

在 MySQL at Facebook 的這邊說明提到了,Facebook 內部是使用 INT UNSIGNED 儲存時間: Which gets us to the point that it is no different than storing INT (hello 2038?) or UNSIGNED INT (a bit later) or BIGINT (till the end of time) and possibly … Continue reading

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vm.swappiness 設成 1 或是 0 的差異

在「MongoDB System Tuning Best Practices」這份投影片裡面看到: To avoid disk-based swap: 1 (not zero!) 以及: ‘0’ can cause unpredicted behaviour 在 kernel 的說明文件是這樣描述,設成 0 時表示只有在避免 oom 時才會 swap: This control is used to define how aggressive the kernel will swap memory pages. … Continue reading

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PHP 康莊大道

前陣子看到的「PHP The Right Way.」網站。網站的開頭就先提到這並不是說明 PHP 怎麼寫才是對的,而是告訴你許多前人經驗所得到的建議:(血淚史 XD) Disclaimer There is no canonical way to use PHP. However, this website is a humble display of best practices, available options, and good information. It aims to introduce new PHP developers and to … Continue reading

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