ING Bank 在羅馬尼亞的機房出事...

ING Bank 在羅馬尼亞的機房發生資料損毀:「A Loud Sound Just Shut Down a Bank's Data Center for 10 Hours」。

不過原因是因為火災測試時噴發的音量太大,導致硬碟故障 XDDD

ING Bank’s main data center in Bucharest, Romania, was severely damaged over the weekend during a fire extinguishing test. In what is a very rare but known phenomenon, it was the loud sound of inert gas being released that destroyed dozens of hard drives. The site is currently offline and the bank relies solely on its backup data center, located within a couple of miles’ proximity.



索馬利亞的行動支付愈來愈發達:「More phones, few banks and years of instability are transforming Somalia to a cashless society」。

Now, it is one of at least three companies offering mobile money transfers in Somalia, where 51 out of every 100 people has a mobile subscription (compared to 22, only three years ago), and around 40% of adults use mobile money accounts, according to 2014 data from the World Bank (">pdf).

行動支付的流行,原因包括了缺乏零售銀行 (也就是服務據點),加上戰爭因素:

[,] the lack of retail banking in Somalia and fears of continued unrest—Al-Shabaab continues to occasionally stage attacks throughout the country—have made the service vital to Somalia’s reconstruction. Hormuud holds the cash, acting in essence like a bank.


為什麼有了 Google Authenticator 還要使用實體的 Two-Factor Token?

如標題的問題,因為 token 可以將 secret key 實體隔離開。

可以讀看看最近這篇報導:「Zitmo Trojan Variant Eurograbber Beats Two-Factor Authentication to Steal Millions」,其中這段:

To date, the researchers said, Eurograbber has infected more than 30,000 users and stolen an estimated 36 million Euros.


用簡訊也有類似的問題,實體的 OTP 算是目前最能抵抗這類攻擊的方式了...

銀行 (信用卡) 的最新優惠消息...

已經好幾次遇到「根本不知道有哪些優惠」的情況了,去找 feed 沒幾家有做,只好自己做一個來生 Atom feed:「Useful Feeds」。

網站的程式碼放在 GitHub 上,要改的人可以開 ticket 或是直接 fork + pull-request,目前還有很多地方需要修正 (像是 Atom feed validator 問題)。