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Amazon Aurora 的 Serverless 與 Multi-master

Amazon Aurora 推出了兩包玩意,第一包是 Serverless,讓需要人介入的情況更少:「In The Works – Amazon Aurora Serverless」。

在 Serverless 的第一個重點是支援以秒計費:

Today we are launching a preview (sign up now) of Amazon Aurora Serverless. Designed for workloads that are highly variable and subject to rapid change, this new configuration allows you to pay for the database resources you use, on a second-by-second basis.

然後是極為快速的 auto-scaling:

The endpoint is a simple proxy that routes your queries to a rapidly scaled fleet of database resources. This allows your connections to remain intact even as scaling operations take place behind the scenes. Scaling is rapid, with new resources coming online within 5 seconds

這兩個組合起來,讓使用端可以除了在 Amazon EC2 上可以快速 scale 外,後端的資料庫也能 scale 了...

第二個是 Multi-master 架構:「Sign Up for the Preview of Amazon Aurora Multi-Master」。

Amazon Aurora Multi-Master allows you to create multiple read/write master instances across multiple Availability Zones. This enables applications to read and write data to multiple database instances in a cluster, just as you can read across Read Replicas today.

(話說我一直都誤以為 Aurora 是 R/W master...)

Anyway,這個功能不知道怎麼疊上去的... 不笑得會不會有嚴重的 distributed lock issue,反而推薦大家平常都寫到同一台 (像是 PXC 就會這樣)。

AWS 美東第二區開放

如同之前 AWS 的規劃,宣佈啟用美東第二區了 (us-east-2,在俄亥俄州):「Now Open – AWS US East (Ohio) Region」。看了一下 EC2 的價錢,與 us-east-1 是同一個級別的,其他的服務應該是都差不多...

另外因為跨州了 (而且跟 us-east-1 很近),所以官方也推薦拿來做異地服務:

With just 12 ms of round-trip latency between US East (Ohio) and US East (Northern Virginia), you can make good use of unique AWS features such as S3 Cross-Region Replication, Cross-Region Read Replicas for Amazon Aurora, Cross-Region Read Replicas for MySQL, and Cross-Region Read Replicas for PostgreSQL.

其中有個特別的地方在於 us-east-{1,2} 之間傳輸的費用會以 Inter-AZ 計費,而非以跨 region 計費。大概是希望讓大家有動力多放些東西過去,畢竟 us-east-1 實在太大,穩定性超有名的關係 XDDD:

Data transfer between the two Regions is priced at the Inter-AZ price ($0.01 per GB), making your cross-region use cases even more economical.