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Avast 買 AVG

Avast 買 AVG,這兩家都不小:「Avast acquires rival AVG for $1.3 billion to create a security software giant」。 文章開頭提到的交易的形式與金額: Security software giant Avast Software has acquired rival AVG Technologies. Avast will pay $25 cash for each of AVG’s outstanding ordinary shares in a … Continue reading

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AVG 更新隱私條款,以便能夠蒐集使用者的搜尋紀錄並且賣給其他人

在「AVG can sell your browsing and search history to advertisers」這邊整理的比較清楚: The updated policy explained that AVG was allowed to collect "non-personal data", which could then be sold to third parties. 或是抓原文: Do you share my data? Yes, though when and … Continue reading

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看到「AVG finds 11 year-old creating malware to steal game passwords」這篇裡面的說明: The company said it had recently reverse-engineered one piece of malware that turned out to be the handiwork of an 11 year-old Canadian boy intent on stealing passwords used to … Continue reading

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