FreeBSD 12.2 在 AWS 的 Amazon EFS 整合 (autofs)

Colin Percival 提到了 FreeBSD 12.2 上 autofs 會整合 Amazon EFS,讓掛載進來變得更方便:「Some new FreeBSD/EC2 features: EFS automount and ebsnvme-id」。

用法是先設定 autofs,然後啟用 autofs:

# echo '/efs -efs' > /etc/auto_master 
# sysrc autofs_enable="YES"

然後重開機後就可以直接切到 /efs/FSID 把 EFS 掛起來了:

Having done this, any access to the path /efs/FSID (e.g., /efs/fs-01234567) will automatically and transparently mount that filesystem.

另外加上原來對 EBS 與 ephemeral disk 的支援,這樣 storage 的部份算是該有的都有了:

Using the tool and some devd magic, FreeBSD now maintains a tree under /dev/aws/disk containing the symlinks of the forms

  • /dev/aws/disk/ebs/vol-0123456789abcdef
  • /dev/aws/disk/linuxname/sdh
  • /dev/aws/disk/ephemeral/SERIALNO