AWS 上 MySQL + MHA、Galera Cluster、Amazon RDS for Aurora 的比較

Twitter 上看到的文章,對三套有 High Avaiilability 能力的 MySQL 系統比較:「AWS Aurora Benchmarking - Blast or Splash?」。

測試的項目包括了 MySQL + MHAGalera Cluster 以及 Amazon RDS for Aurora 三種,包括了 failover 的各種速度以及資料庫效能的比較。

測試的結果可以看到 Galera Cluster 有不少優勢,不過我必須說 Galera Cluster 並不好搞,初期要使用的話乾脆用 Aurora 就好,failover 的確是比較慢,而且效能也沒有 Galera Cluster 好,但管理上輕鬆很多啊...

Amazon Aurora 宣佈正式開放

AWS 宣佈正式開放所有客戶使用 Amazon Aurora:「Now Available – Amazon Aurora」。不過也只是原來支援的三個地區而已:

Today I am happy to announce that Amazon Aurora is now available for use by all AWS customers, in three AWS regions.

We are launching in the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland) regions, and will expand to others over time.


When we first announced Amazon Aurora we expected to deliver a service that offered at least 4 times the price-performance of existing solutions. Now that we are ready to ship, I am happy to report that we’ve exceeded this goal, and that Amazon Aurora can deliver 5x the price-performance of a traditional relational database when run on the same class of hardware.

In general, this does not mean that individual queries will run 5x as fast as before (although Amazon Aurora’s fast, SSD-based storage certainly speeds things up). Instead, it means that Amazon Aurora is able to handle far more concurrent queries (both read and write) than other products. Amazon Aurora’s unique, highly parallelized access to storage reduces contention for stored data and allows it to process queries in a highly efficient fashion.


Amazon Aurora

Amazon RDS for Aurora 是這次 re:Invent 發表的資料庫:「Amazon Aurora - New Cost-Effective MySQL-Compatible Database Engine for Amazon RDS」。

以往的資料庫都是先選定好 storage 大小、storage 種類 (以及 IOPS),然後再選擇機器大小,而要更改的時候會有 downtime。

這次推出的 Amazon Aurora 則是拿掉前面兩個限制,由系統自動幫你處理:空間與 storage 種類 (包括 IOPS)。你只要選擇 instance 的種類就就可以了。

重點是相容於 MySQL 啊,現有使用 MySQL 的程式大多都可以直接接上去,從 10GB 長大到 64TB 都可以無痛一直升級...

由於 IOPS 的部份不需要事先 booking,機器的價錢看起來還算合理,找機會來測試看看可以惡搞到什麼程度?