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Amazon Kinesis Firehole 可以先轉換再進 S3 了...

前陣子 Amazon Kinesis Firehole 推出來的新功能,可以轉完後再寫進 Amazon S3 (或是其他地方):「Amazon Kinesis Firehose can now prepare and transform streaming data before loading it to data stores」。 文件是「Amazon Kinesis Firehose Data Transformation」這份,開頭有說明是透過 Lambda 做到的: When you enable Firehose data transformation, Firehose buffers incoming data … Continue reading

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Amazon Athena:直接在 S3 上進行分析

Amazon Athena 提供另外一種選擇,讓分析的便利性增加了許多:「Amazon Athena – Interactive SQL Queries for Data in Amazon S3」。 以往都需要開 server 起來分析,這個新的服務直接使用就好: Athena is based on the Presto distributed SQL engine and can query data in many different formats including JSON, CSV, log files, text with … Continue reading

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