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ARIN 進入 IPv4 Countdown Plan 的第四階段

ARIN 只剩下最後一個 /8 的 IPv4 位置時,將會啟動第四階段的發放機制,而昨天進入這個機制了:「ARIN Enters Phase Four of the IPv4 Countdown Plan」。

出自「ARIN IPv4 Countdown Plan」這頁。


  • Phase One began in February 2011 when ARIN received its last /8 from IANA.
  • Phase Two began in September 2012 when ARIN reached three remaining /8 equivalents.
  • Phase Three began in August 2013 when ARIN reached two remaining /8 equivalents.
  • Phase Four began in April 2014 when ARIN reached one remaining /8 equivalent.

不過 IPv6 的進展還是苦哈哈啊...