Oracle 的 CSO (Chief Security Officer) 對資安的想法

這應該是昨天很熱鬧的新聞,也不難看出 Oracle 對資安的心態。

參考「Oracle to 'sinner' customers: Reverse engineering is a sin and we know best」這篇報導,Oracle CSO Mary Ann Davidson 發表的原文已經被刪除,但這是 internet 時代,當然有完整的備份下來:「No, You Really Can’t (Mary Ann Davidson Blog)」。

提供給 ZDNet 報導的補充是:

The security of our products and services has always been critically important to Oracle. Oracle has a robust program of product security assurance and works with third party researchers and customers to jointly ensure that applications built with Oracle technology are secure. We removed the post as it does not reflect our beliefs or our relationship with our customers.

Oracle 的公關能力一如往常的優秀!