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AWS CloudWatch 推出秒級的記錄功能

AWS CloudWatch 推出了秒級的記錄功能:「New – High-Resolution Custom Metrics and Alarms for Amazon CloudWatch」。 從一分鐘變成一秒鐘讓之後的調整以及 debug 好用很多... 不過這次支援秒級的是 custom metrics,原先 AWS 自家服務的支援不在這次範圍: Today we are adding support for high-resolution custom metrics, with plans to add support for AWS services over time. Your … Continue reading

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AWS 的 General Purpose SSD (gp2) 可以看到 burst I/O 的 credit 數字了

AWS 宣佈把 gp2 的 I/O burst credit 數字給量化了:「New – Burst Balance Metric for EC2’s General Purpose SSD (gp2) Volumes」。 gp2 最小的也可以衝到 3000 IOPS,另外可以累積 5.4M credits: Each volume can accumulate up to 5.4 million credits, and they can be spent at … Continue reading

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