Starlink 再開一條產品線 Aviation

Starlink 推出新的產品線 Starlink Aviation,預定在 2023 年推出:

High-speed, low-latency, in-flight internet with connectivity across the globe. Reserve now with deliveries starting in 2023.

客群看起來是航空公司 (或是私人飛機的機主),而非一般人。每一台飛機可以提供 350Mbps 的頻寬:

Starlink can deliver up to 350 Mbps to each plane, enabling all passengers to access streaming-capable internet at the same time.

所以看起來是要跟現在在飛機上的 internet 服務競爭,如果要用玩的話大概是看看哪家航空公司採用,不然就是得自己買飛機了 (?)...

B612 字型

B 612 是小王子裡的星球,被拿來引用當作字型名稱了:「B612 – The font family」。

這是空中巴士設計給飛機上的系統用的,所以包括了「舒服」(長時間) 與「易讀」,算是某種以「安全」為考量的字體?

In 2010, Airbus initiated a research collaboration with ENAC and Université de Toulouse III on a prospective study to define and validate an “Aeronautical Font”: the challenge was to improve the display of information on the cockpit screens, in particular in terms of legibility and comfort of reading, and to optimize the overall homogeneity of the cockpit.

然後包括了 regular 與 monospace 兩種:

Git 的記錄已經 open source 一陣子了,拿來當 sans-serif 用一段時間看看好了...


在「Lithium-ion batteries banned as cargo on passenger planes」這篇文章裡面提到美國打算在今年四月開始禁止托運含有鋰電池的設備:

Due to the risk of fire, lithium-ion batteries cannot be shipped as cargo on passenger planes.

That's according to a new ban enacted by the U.N.'s International Civil Aviation Organization, which takes effect in April.

如同文章尾提到的兩次貨機載運鋰電池產生的事故,我以為美國早已經全面禁止客機托運了 @_@ (因為台灣與日本早就禁止了?)

Lithium-ion batteries can still be shipped on cargo aircraft. At least two deadly cargo jet crashes have been blamed on fires caused by these batteries. A Boeing 747 crashed in Dubai killing two crew members in 2010. In 2011, an Asiana Airlines 747 crashed off South Korea, also killing two crew members.

這邊提到的兩次貨機的空難分別是「UPS航空6號班機空難」(2010 年) 與「韓亞航空991號班機空難」(2011 年),都是沒有人生還。


美國與古巴的航權競標將在星期二開始:「U.S. to restore commercial flights to Cuba」。

In just a matter of days, U.S. airlines will begin a fierce bidding war to win routes and airport slots to a destination that's been off-limits to them for more than 50 years: Cuba.


CNN is told there are no plans in the near future for Cuban-owned planes to land in the U.S. under this agreement.

在 Boeing 787 上上網...

酷航有些飛機是 787 了,這台飛機有提供 Internet 上網功能 (WiFi HotSpot),一個小時是 USD$11.95,三個小時是 USD$16.95,二十四小時是 USD$24.95。

扣掉起降的時間,成田飛桃園差不多可以買三個小時的方案來用,服務是由 T-Mobile 提供:

看起來應該是走衛星線路,從德國落地後再連出來,快的時候可以到 1Mbps,慢的時候大約在 128Kbps,latency 大約是 1000ms,而 packet loss rate 其實不高,線路還蠻穩定的。

這次來回都有買,算是嘗鮮玩玩看,之後應該還是會在飛機上睡覺吧 XDDD

捷藍 (JetBlue) 將透過衛星提供 WiFi 給機上乘客...

JetBlue 將會透過衛星轉接,提供機上乘客 WiFi 服務:「JetBlue Launches Satellite-Based Inflight Wi-Fi」。

原始報導「JetBlue launches high-speed wi-fi during flights」內有提到價位是 USD$9/hr:

The airline will also offer a live video streaming high-bandwidth plan called Fly-Fi Plus for applications like streaming movies. It costs $9 per hour.