Mozilla 在 iOS 上也出了自己的 Content Blocker

MozillaiOS 上也出了自己的 Content Blocker,叫做 Focus by Firefox:「Announcing Focus by Firefox, a Content Blocker for iOS」:

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of Focus by Firefox, a free content blocker for Safari users on iOS 9 that gives users greater control of their mobile Web experience.

沒搞懂 Mozilla 跑出來弄這個的目的...

Adblock 的公司賣給不知名的公司...

Adblock 的公司賣掉了:「Adblock got sold, and nobody knows who the mystery buyer is」、「Adblock extension with 40 million users sells to mystery buyer, refuses to name new owner」、「Unknown buyer scoops up popular AdBlock extension」。


Update:如同 comment 寫的,我弄錯公司了...

Adblock Plus 推出在 iOS 9 上的 Content Blocking 功能

Adblock Plus 推出在 iOS 9 上的 Content Blocking 功能了:「Adblock Plus for iOS is finally here! Pssst, it's free!」。

與桌機版本一樣可以關掉 Acceptable Ads。

Google Chrome 會 bypass Adblock 的問題

新版的 Google Chrome 使得 YouTube 可以繞過 Adblock 類軟體的阻擋限制 (像是 uBlock Origin),導致這些使用者會需要「看完完整的廣告影片 (無法 skip)」才能看本篇:「Google Chrome reportedly bypassing Adblock, forces users to watch full-length video ads」。

目前確認這是在修正 CVE-2015-1297 時產生的 bug:

Update: We have been contacted by Rob Wu, a developer on the Chromium project - the open-source foundation for the Chrome browser - who has informed us that this change was not intentional but, rather, an unintended result of fixing a previous security issue (CVE-2015-1297). He confirmed that the issue will only be seen if the YouTube app is installed and that, at the moment, apart from disabling AdBlock or whitelisting YouTube, the only solution, as described above, is to uninstall the app. The problem is expected to be patched in the upcoming weeks or, at least, when Chrome 46 is released.

目前的暫時解法是移除掉 YouTube 這隻 app,或是將 YouTube 放到白名單網站。

Google Chrome 與 Firefox 上擋廣告軟體的效能比較

在「10 Ad Blocking Extensions Tested for Best Performance」這篇看到各個 Ad Blocker 軟體的比較。

對各網站測試了載入速度、記憶體使用量、CPU 使用率,重點應該是最後的圖:

其中最知名的 AdBlock Plus (ABP) 會最慢的原因也很簡單,因為他預設值會放行廣告,這導致了效能掉很多:

If you’re wondering why the popular AdBlock Plus got low scores in some Chrome tests, the answer is simple and it’s purely down to the acceptable ads check box. Disable “Allow some non-intrusive advertising” and AdBlock Plus will performance wise, sit in the middle of the pack.

在 ABP 把 acceptable ads 擋掉後速度就比較接近了。不過,如果你願意接受 acceptable ads,也不應該選擇 ABP,因為其他也有支援 acceptable ads 的軟體效能比較好:

Whatever your opinion on acceptable ads, using the option in ABP is not recommended and if you wish to support showing specific ads while browsing, use something else. AdBlock, Adguard, AdRemover and SuperBlock all have an acceptable ads option of some sort, but none suffer a performance drop like ABP.

最後的結論,不論是 Google Chrome 或是 Firefox,贏家都是 uBlock Origin

The overall winner in Firefox is simply the quickest, and that was µBlock origin. µ AdBlock is a fair choice if you want an easy to use but fast blocker, the rest are almost identical so it’s down to personal preference and the options available as to which one you use.

The winner in Chrome is a closer call when you consider the results from all three tests. But as it got a couple of firsts and a second, we would say µBlock Origin is the definite winner, it truly is fast and efficient as the author claims. Both Ghostery and Adguard are still excellent choices and are viable alternatives to µBlock Origin providing good performance in all 3 categories.

Ghostery 雖然也會因為少讀很多東西進來而加快速度,不過拿來一起比好像怪怪的...

網路廣告愈來愈誇張,阻擋的功能變成趨勢了,在桌機上支援的軟體愈來愈完善,而在行動裝置上,iOS 9 也開始支援了:「Content blocking in iOS 9 is going to screw up way more than just ads」。

用 Google Analytics 偵測有多少使用者使用 Adblock

在「Find How Many Visitors Are Not Seeing Ads on your Website」這篇介紹了如何用 Google Analytics_trackEvent 偵測網站上有多少使用者使用 Adblock 類的軟體。

不過這完全會低估啊,會在意廣告而裝 Adblock 類的人之中,不少人還會順便擋掉 Google Analytics 啊 XD

不過這篇有提到一份報告,說 2014 整個 internet 使用 Adblock 的比率大約是 5%,而科技類網站會高出更多:(不過我抓不動這份 PDF...)

It is estimated that ~5% of website visitors are blocking ads (PDF report) and the situation could be far worse for websites that have a more tech-savvy audience.

試用 µBlock 取代 AdBlock Plus

Twitter 上看到 zmx 提到 µBlock

依照「µBlock vs. ABP: efficiency compared」這邊的說明,可以看到效能以及記憶體用量都比 AdBlock Plus 好上不少。


用 Adblock Plus 擋下 Facebook 的「已讀」

Adblock Plus 的「How to keep people from knowing you’ve read their Facebook message」這邊提到 Facebook 的「已讀」:

Facebook 在你看過後會送出通知,方法是增加這條規則:



AdBlock 與 Adblock Plus 的差異

兩個多禮拜前的文章:「Which is better, Adblock or Adblock Plus?」,比較了 Google Chrome 上兩個擋廣告的套件:「AdBlock」以及「Adblock Plus」。

這邊直接先講結論,AdBlock 有嚴重的隱私問題,在「What are they hiding?」這段列出了 AdBlock 2.6.11 (2013-10-25) 版本之後的各種追蹤方式 (而且愈來愈誇張),即使到最新版仍然有隱私的 issue:

Two new AdBlock versions came out since that blog post was published. AdBlock 2.7.9 fixed the bug I mentioned above, now only can track AdBlock users and no other websites.

ChinaList 停止維護

在「Adblock Plus 將會把預設的 ChinaList 改為 EasyList China」提到 Adblock Plus 將預設的 ChinaList 改為 Easylist China,過幾天後看到 ChinaList 決定停止維護:

在这里很遗憾地通知所有 ChinaList 项目的用户,从 2014/03/26 起,本项目不再维护,为了抗议 Adblock Plus 在没有 ChinaList 授权重定向我们的列表且多次抗议无效下做的决定。

其實就是 Adblock Plus 想賺錢,但被 ChinaList 擋住:

要想推白名单,列表肯定要抓在自己手中才行,反正我多次说过只要我还负责 ChinaList,就不会允许的。