Windows 98 安裝的三階段

看到「Why does part of the Windows 98 Setup program look older than the rest? (2020) (」這個,原文是 2020 的討論:「Why does part of the Windows 98 Setup program look older than the rest?」。

問題是 Windows 98 的安裝過程中段可以看出來有 Windows 3.1 介面的感覺,像這樣:

而到了後段又是 Windows 98 的感覺,作者覺得 UI 介面風格不一致的問題...

回答的人則是解釋得很清楚,第一階段是 DOS 階段,會把 Windows 3.1 環境疊出來:

The first, which can run from the setup floppies and/or CD-ROM, uses a DOS program (DOSSETUP.BIN) to set up disk partitions, run various checks etc.:

This phases finishes by copying a minimal version of Windows 3.1 to the target installation drive, in a temporary directory (normally WININST0.400), containing DOSX.EXE, USER.EXE, GDI.EXE, KRNL386.EXE, LZEXPAND.DLL etc. (see MINI.CAB).

第二階段則是 Windows 3.1 環境,把 Windows 98 大多數的東西都複製到硬碟上:

The second uses this minimal Windows 3.1 to run a Windows 3 program, W98SETUP.BIN (specified as the “shell” in SYSTEM.INI):

This starts by copying more files to support all the information-gathering during setup, and various other niceties including the 3D look shown in your screenshot (the contents of the PRECOPY CABs); it ends by copying most of Windows 98, setting the system up so that it will boot Windows 98 from the target drive, and rebooting.

第三階段則是 Windows 98 環境,執行後續的設定程式:

The third runs after the first boot into Windows 98, from Windows 98:

而且也提到了當年可以升級作業系統的情況 (雖然我自己偏好重裝):

It is also possible to initiate the setup process from any of the above environments, which is how Windows 98 handles upgrades (from MS-DOS, or Windows 3, or Windows 95).

是個解釋遺跡的現場 XDDD

Windows 95/NT 4.0/98/ME/2000/XP 的 Windows Update

看到「Project restores Windows Update for Windows 9x」這篇在介紹「Windows Update Restored: Fix Windows Update On Windows 95. 98, ME, 2000, and XP」這個幫這些古董 OS 裝 Windows Update 的專案。

看起來只是把官方的 security patch 整理起來而已,並不處理 EoL 後的安全性問題。

但對於要弄個老環境的人來說算是方便的工具,至少把有公開過的 security patch 都打進去。