Amazon Aurora (MySQL) 推出相容於 MySQL 5.7 的版本

Amazon Aurora (MySQL) 推出相容於 MySQL 5.7 的版本了:「Amazon Aurora is Compatible with MySQL 5.7」。


Amazon Aurora is a relational database service that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. The MySQL-compatible edition of Aurora delivers up to 5X the throughput of standard MySQL running on the same hardware, and is designed to be compatible with MySQL 5.6, enabling existing MySQL applications and tools to run without requiring modification.

5.7 其中一個賣點在於支援 Spatial index (透過 R-tree),不過 AWS 的版本看起來是自己用 B-tree 加上 Z-order curve 實做:「Amazon Aurora under the hood: indexing geospatial data using Z-order curves」。

我覺得看看就好啦,拿 244GB RAM 的 r3.8xlarge 跑 1GB 的 data set,當大家是傻逼嗎...

MySQL 5.7 預設值的改善

在「Improved Server Defaults in 5.7」這篇文章裡面講了 MySQL 5.7 預設值有那些是朝好的方向演進,雖然我覺得有些有風險在...


innodb_strict_mode — This brings InnoDB in line with our overall goal of making MySQL behavior more strict by default, thus helping you ensure the integrity, validity, and durability of your data. This also falls in line with a parallel goal of making MySQL more SQL standard compliant by default.

可以參考「Making strict sql_mode the default」這篇文章的說明,當你把 -1 塞到 UNSIGNED INT 欄位時會直接發生錯誤,而非 fallback 到 0

然後是 InnoDB 熱機機制的改善,以及檔案格式預設值的改變。