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居然花了三年的時間,線上人數可以到 60k,才看到 Ptt 因為管理不當而爛掉的情況。

使用 Blog 的行為調查

上看到一份關於使用 Blog 的情況:

原報導在 這,其中 37% 的人認為他們的 Blog 是當日記用,至於其他的選項,幾乎都不具參考價值,因為:

Pew researchers called 233 bloggers between July 2005 and February this year and undertook additional, larger-scale telephone surveys through April. These follow-up surveys yielded a sample of 7,012 adults, which included 4,753 Internet users, 8 percent of whom are bloggers. The margin of error was 6.7 percent.


Social Software

在這篇這樣講:(Web2 Spam)

Nick Bradbury says "Any new Web 2.0 company that hasn’t considered the spam problem automatically isn’t worth my time." I forget who said it, but my favorite definition of social software is "things that get spammed."

不知道 在講什麼...

Social Software 利用 Internet 的 Social Network 產生有用的資訊,再回饋給 Internet。但因為牽扯到「人」,這時候就會有 Spammer 加入,想要透過 Social Network 進行他的廣告。這是 A (social software) => B (spam),不代表 B => A 啊...