美國政府禁止 NVIDIA 將高階顯卡輸出到中國與俄羅斯

Hacker News 首頁上看到「US Government Bans Export of Nvidia A100 and H100 GPUs to China and Russia (sec.gov)」這篇,是 NVIDIA 發出了 Form 8-K,說明美國政府禁止 A100 與 H100 或是更高階 (更快) 的卡以及產品輸出到中國 (包括香港) 與俄羅斯:「nvda-20220826.htm」。

先是指出 A100、H100 以及 A100X (Ampere) 被管制:

On August 26, 2022, the U.S. government, or USG, informed NVIDIA Corporation, or the Company, that the USG has imposed a new license requirement, effective immediately, for any future export to China (including Hong Kong) and Russia of the Company’s A100 and forthcoming H100 integrated circuits. DGX or any other systems which incorporate A100 or H100 integrated circuits and the A100X are also covered by the new license requirement.

另外是禁止新產品的部份,效能與 A100 相等或是更好的卡也被禁止輸出,除非有取得授權:

The license requirement also includes any future NVIDIA integrated circuit achieving both peak performance and chip-to-chip I/O performance equal to or greater than thresholds that are roughly equivalent to the A100, as well as any system that includes those circuits.


A license is required to export technology to support or develop covered products. The USG indicated that the new license requirement will address the risk that the covered products may be used in, or diverted to, a ‘military end use’ or ‘military end user’ in China and Russia. The Company does not sell products to customers in Russia.

有看到一些報導指出 AMD 也有收到類似的禁令 (畢竟也是個顯卡大廠),但在「SEC Filings」這邊沒看到...


一樣是 Hacker News 上看到的:「Guidance to make federally funded research freely available without delay (whitehouse.gov)」,白宮的公告在「OSTP Issues Guidance to Make Federally Funded Research Freely Available Without Delay」這邊。

開頭有重點,不得限制以及收費。所以 paywall 是一定不行,另外要註冊才能看也算是一種限制,應該也會被這次的政策要求改善:

In a memorandum to federal departments and agencies, Dr. Alondra Nelson, the head of OSTP, delivered guidance for agencies to update their public access policies as soon as possible to make publications and research funded by taxpayers publicly accessible, without an embargo or cost.

時間表的部份,短期是 2023 年中更新 policy,並且在 2025 年年底前全部施行:

In the short-term, agencies will work with OSTP to update their public access and data sharing plans by mid-2023. OSTP expects all agencies to have updated public access policies fully implemented by the end of 2025.


找了一下之前寫下來跟 open access 有關的消息,從學校方面給壓力的也不少,不過我記錄下來的主要都是跟 Elsevier 的中止合約:


歐盟通過 Digital Markets Act 與 Digital Services Act

Hacker News Daily 上翻的時候看到的大消息,歐盟通過了 Digital Markets Act (DMA) 與 Digital Services Act (DSA):「EU Approves Landmark Legislation to Regulate Apple and Other Big Tech Firms」,這兩個法案會直接衝擊大企業壟斷的情況。

找了一下中文的資料,iThome 有報導:「歐洲議會通過《數位服務法》與《數位市場法》!傳訊服務必須互通,不得禁止使用者採用第三方App Store」。

其中 MacRumors 上的文章整理的蠻清楚的,DMA 包括了:

  • Allow users to install apps from third-party app stores and sideload directly from the internet.
  • Allow developers to offer third-party payment systems in apps and promote offers outside the gatekeeper's platforms.
  • Allow developers to integrate their apps and digital services directly with those belonging to a gatekeeper. This includes making messaging, voice-calling, and video-calling services interoperable with third-party services upon request.
  • Give developers access to any hardware feature, such as "near-field communication technology, secure elements and processors, authentication mechanisms, and the software used to control those technologies."
  • Ensure that all apps are uninstallable and give users the ability to unsubscribe from core platform services under similar conditions to subscription.
  • Give users the option to change the default voice assistant to a third-party option.
  • Share data and metrics with developers and competitors, including marketing and advertising performance data.
  • Set up an independent "compliance function" group to monitor its compliance with EU legislation with an independent senior manager and sufficient authority, resources, and access to management.
  • Inform the European Commission of their mergers and acquisitions.

可以看出來除了最後兩項是針對 EU 的監管機制外,其他的包括了安裝來自第三方的軟體、可以使用第三方的付款系統、可以整合系統服務、可以整合硬體功能、可以使用第三方的語音工具、可以反安裝所有的 app 以及提供平台蒐集到的資料給開發者,都是針對現在 AppleApp StoreGoogle Play 所限制的條件。

另外 DMA 也禁止了這些行為:

  • Pre-install certain software applications and require users to use any important default software services such as web browsers.
  • Require app developers to use certain services or frameworks, including browser engines, payment systems, and identity providers, to be listed in app stores.
  • Give their own products, apps, or services preferential treatment or rank them higher than those of others.
  • Reuse private data collected during a service for the purposes of another service.
  • Establish unfair conditions for business users.

而 DSA 的部份則是針對網路上的非法內容處理:

The Digital Services Act (DSA), which requires platforms to do more to police the internet for illegal content, has also been approved by the European Parliament.

其中 DMA 的生效日看起來會在 2023 年年中生效?應該是 六個月加上六個月...

Once formally adopted, the Act, which takes the legal form of a Regulation, will enter into force 20 days after publication in the EU Official Journal and will apply six months later. The designated gatekeepers will have a maximum of six months after the designation decision by the Commission to ensure compliance with the obligations laid down in the Digital Markets Act.

而 DSA 至少要到 2024 年才有機會會實施:

Once adopted, the DSA will be directly applicable across the EU and will apply fifteen months or from 1 January 2024, whichever later, after entry into force.


BBC 這次拿出短波廣播...

Hacker News Daily 上看到的,BBC 這次戰爭拿出短波廣播發送訊號,讓烏克蘭地區的人,以及一部分俄羅斯的人可以收到 BBC 的新聞:「BBC resurrects WWII-era shortwave broadcasts as Russia blocks news of Ukraine invasion」。

The BBC says its shortwave broadcasts will be available on frequencies of 15735 kHz from 4PM to 6PM and 5875 kHz from 10PM to midnight, Ukraine time. News will be read in English, which the BBC says will be available in Kyiv as well as “parts of Russia.”

主要還是用到短波廣播可以傳很遠,以及難以封鎖的特性,相較於 internet 容易被牆掉所以被拿來用...

另外 BBC 也提供了 Onion 的版本,讓俄羅斯的人可以翻出來看 BBC 的新聞:

The BBC’s current onion domain is: https://www.bbcnewsd73hkzno2ini43t4gblxvycyac5aw4gnv7t2rccijh7745uqd.onion.

不過有 Tor 的話基本上可以直接從 exit node 看,好像沒有必要特別用 Onion 位置...

法國 CNIL 認為 Google Analytics 傳輸資料回美國違反 GDPR

先前提過德國認為沒有告知使用者網站使用 Google Fonts 違反 GDPR (可以參考先前寫的「德國的地方法院說使用 Google Fonts 服務沒有告知使用者違反 GDPR」這篇),這次法國的 CNIL (英文維基百科的介紹:「Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés」,是法國政府的一個獨立單位) 認定 Google Analytics 將資料傳回美國違反 GDPR:「Use of Google Analytics and data transfers to the United States: the CNIL orders a website manager/operator to comply」。

文章的 summary 講的差不多:

Google Analytics provides statistics on website traffic. After receiving complaints from the NOYB association, the CNIL, in cooperation with its European counterparts, analysed the conditions under which the data collected through this service is transferred to the United States. The CNIL considers that these transfers are illegal and orders a French website manager to comply with the GDPR and, if necessary, to stop using this service under the current conditions.

這件事情在 Hacker News 上的討論很熱烈,這邊就不爆雷了:「Use of Google Analytics declared illegal by French data protection authority (cnil.fr)」,在看的時候要知道 Hacker News 是非常美國觀點的站台 (偏 Y Combinator 或是 VC 圈子觀點)。

歐盟對 Google 的 24.2 億歐元的罰款確定

從「Google loses challenge against EU antitrust ruling, $2.8-bln fine」這邊看到的,新聞的標題寫的是換算後的美金。

新聞裡提到歐盟主要有三個主題在跟 Google 訴訟,這次確定的是利用搜尋引擎偏好自家的購物比較服務,產生不公平競爭:

Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager fined the world's most popular internet search engine in 2017 over the use of its own price comparison shopping service to gain an unfair advantage over smaller European rivals.

另外兩個還在進行的是 AndroidAdSense

The company could face defeats in appeals against the other two rulings involving its Android mobile operating system and AdSense advertising service, where the EU has stronger arguments, antitrust specialists say.

應該是還有個 YouTube 才對,不過印象中主要是版權相關的問題,跟 antitrust 這邊的關係好像少了一些...

維基基金會對中國大陸維基人用戶組的行動 (WMCUG)



這次官方的正式聲明是由 Maggie Dennis 署名 (法務部門 VP),可以參考「Office actions/September 2021 statement」(英文版) 與「基金會行動/2021年9月聲明」(中文翻譯版本)。

相關的拔權記錄可以在「Special:Log/WMFOffice」這邊看到,這邊的時間應該是 UTC,可以看到還有陸陸續續在拔。另外在「Wikipedia:2021年基金會針對中文維基百科的行動」這邊也有一些記錄。

看到連 Outlookxp 都被拔了,總算是出手了啊...

另外補充一下在 mailing list 上看到的資料,原始的 Twitter 已經刪除,但 Internet Archive 上面還有備份:


把中央社的 App 裝起來... (來推廣一下好了)

看到之前同事在 Twitter 上提到中央社的標題算是比較正常的,不是 clickbait (誘餌式標題) 走向,就裝起來收通知看一下國內的新聞:

到今天算是用了三四天,目前看到的標題都還不錯,從標題大概就可以抓到重點,不過好像沒看到付費的項目可以贊助 (也許可以提供 app 內去廣告?),寫一篇文章來推廣好了...

另外一個有付費的是 WSJ,USD$5/m,主要是桌機可以直接看內容,不過手機上也是讓 app 推播標題...

0.x 版的 ZeroVer

Hacker News Daily 上看到「ZeroVer: 0-Based Versioning (0ver.org)」這個討論,原網站在「ZeroVer: 0-based Versioning」這邊。

這應該是從 Semantic Versioning 出現 (看起來是 2009 年?) 而且被廣泛應用後的現象,就是大家都不想負責 XDDD

在 Semantic Versioning 裡面有提到 0.x 版的特殊性,也就是什麼都不保證:

Major version zero (0.y.z) is for initial development. Anything MAY change at any time. The public API SHOULD NOT be considered stable.

因為 Semantic Versioning 被廣泛應用後,這個特性也深受開發者喜愛 (即使軟體變得很成熟),於是 ZeroVer 這個站台就整理了一堆仍在使用 0.x 的軟體...

其實我覺得這樣很好,像是 HashiCorp 如果決定把軟體推出 1.0 版 (最近應該是 Terraform 的 1.0),表示他們對這個產品有一定的信心了,不然都還在摸索開發階段...

0.x 算是讓開發者可以很有信心的跟大家講「我沒信心」的方式 XD

由美國參議院提出的 Open App Markets Act

以為之前有寫過亞利桑那州的法律,結果沒找到... (有可能寫一寫就刪掉了)

三月初的時候亞利桑那州推動修正法案,強制夠大的 OS 必須開放其他的 App Store 以及 Payment 系統 (以當時,或是現在來看,應該只有 AppleiOSGoogleAndroid 這兩個系統):「Arizona advances bill forcing Apple and Google to allow Fortnite-style alternative payment options」,不過這個法案在同月月底的時候就被沒收了:「It’s game over for Arizona’s controversial App Store bill」。

這次則是由美國參議院 (上議院) 跨黨派的三位參議員提出來的 Open App Markets Act 也是類似的事情,只是拉到全國的層級:「Blumenthal, Blackburn & Klobuchar Introduce Bipartisan Antitrust Legislation to Promote App Store Competition」。在 Hacker News 上有討論:「Senators introduce bipartisan antitrust bill to promote app store competition (senate.gov)」。

第一關應該是要先讓參議院通過,在這個階段 Apple 與 Google 兩家應該就會有各種檯面上的遊說與檯面下的動作,另外像是 EpicSpotify 這些公司應該也會進去推一把...