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OpenSSH 與 SSH Communications 的 SSH

的報導, (當初發展 SSH Protocol 的公司) 認為 的品質不足以成為企業級的產品:(SSH Claims Draw Open Source Ire)

OpenSSH is not an enterprise-class product that is needed for the demands of a large-scale deployment. We do not compare OpenSSH to our SSH Tectia solution, since it's far from the same,

可是 的佔有率遠遠超越其他人 XD

However, OpenSSH is very popular and is commonly deployed in almost all BSD, Unix and Linux systems. More than 87 percent of Internet-facing servers were using OpenSSH, according to an OpenSSH Internet scan in September 2004.

這段 Comment 直接說明了 的氣量:

They claimed OpenSSH was not "enterprise ready". Pointing out that many, many enterprises not only use it, but build it into their products is a fairly compelling rebuttal.

They are either using their own private definition of "enterprise" that doesn't include organisations like Cisco, or they are lying. Either way, they are discredited.


看到的太陽能手提包:Solar-powered Handbag,要把太陽能拿來做什麼呢?照亮包包裡面的物品 XD

報導 裡面寫的相當巧妙:

The contents of a woman's handbag have long remained a mystery - often even to the owner - but a new design offers to shine a light on the problem.

我笑到肚子痛了 :~

英國的 24Mbps 寬頻網路

上看到英國的 這家公司提供了 24M/1.3M 的寬頻網路,只要£24:24 Mb Consumer Broadband Launched

£24 換算台幣約 NTD$1416 (匯率換算 - Yahoo!奇摩股市),再將國民生產毛額 差距 (以英國 USD$23680/year,台灣 USD$13950/year 計算) 換算進去,給台灣人的感覺大約是 NTD$834?hmmm...

另外對 peering 的費用調降不少後,似乎還是沒看到各 ISP 對 end user 的動作?(還是都拿去調降機房費用了?)