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BitComet 0.62

0.62 的 Release Note:

  • GUI Improved: add the ability to fetch remote channel xml file and display its items in favourite bar
  • GUI Improved: adjust the toolbar position of embedded browser
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that sometimes the embedded browser can't handle BCTP link properly
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that sometimes the task name displayed as the http link of torrent file
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that sometimes the task status displayed as failed after DHT torrent download finished successfully
  • Core Improved: user favourite data file changed from .\fav\my_fav.xml to .\Favourite.xml
  • Core Bugfix: fix possible crash when exit program while hashing
  • Core Bugfix: fix possible crash when detects WMP version at BitComet startup
  • Core Bugfix: fix possible memory access violation when remove task after DHT torrent file download finished

1/28 的漏洞 (我在 BitComet 安全漏洞 這篇有提過),拖了這麼久... Changelog 上面卻沒看到修正記錄?

Mac Mini 雙螢幕

上看到可以讓 使用雙螢幕的工具:Mac mini with Dual Displays

其實那個盒子就是拐 MacOS,告訴他有一顆 2560x1024 (或其他類似的) 的螢幕。然後再把訊號拆開,輸出到實際的兩個螢幕上...

Update:在 Mac mini dual monitors using DualHead2Go 有提到,需要 這套軟體設定 2560x1024:

once you receive all the hardware, you simply plug it up in the (somewhat) natural way, mini to dualhead2go, out to two monitors. I added the custom resolution to the system using the tool, which has a free 15 day trial, and then costs $15. This process is fairly painless. You simply open up the SwitchRes control, and in the Resolutions tab hit Custom, then New. Put in 2560 for Horizontal, and 1024 for Vertical, hit Ok, and you're good to go! Shut down your mini, then hook up the Matrox box, restart, and you should be putting along in dualscreen mode.


剛剛在 nctu 板上看到的資料:(www.aloha168.com.tw/time2.htm)

本公司將於每個星期五、日兩天,爲交通大學 教職員、學生,派專車運送回北部、南部返鄉,目前試辦開始的車輛數為:

看起來還不錯 o_O