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Google Buy

PayPal vs Google(Buy)

Mr. Jordan (PayPal chief) says he and his team immediately "dissected the wording" of Google's statements. He says he doesn't believe Mr. Schmidt....

這個好 :p

Google 與 Skype 的計畫

看到的:Google and Skype in Startup to Link Hotspots,其中報導裡的這段... XD

"Linus" members, named after Linus Torvalds, who created the freely distributed Linux software, will share their hotspot with other Linus members for free.

"Bill" members, named after Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates, will charge for access to their hotspot. FON will get some of that revenue, and share it with Internet service providers, or ISPs.


這幾天不斷的在練習 ,終於把一個速度可以接受的版本寫出來了,只要 關掉以後,就可以看到下載的過程了,到時候再去其他地方宣傳...

以我的相簿為例,目前的程式 (wretchalbum-zip.pl) 是先去抓這個使用者有哪些相簿,抓完了以後再到每一本相簿的第一張相簿點 "自動播放" 的部分,取得 Javascript 裡面的資訊 (thanks l5n),把這本相簿裡面所有的圖片位置存下來。

最後,用 一次抓所有的圖片,放到正確的目錄下,最後再用 zip 包起來 (不壓縮) 提供使用者下載。