Backblaze 的 2019 年度硬碟報告

Backblaze 丟出去年的報告了:「Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2019」。

WD/HGST 的還是最耐用,再來是 Toshiba 的,最後是 Seagate 的。

不過有一些硬碟沒有列到表上,像是「Seagate 16 TB Drives」這組因為 2019Q4 才剛裝上去,所以才 1440 drive days,因此還沒到門檻所以沒放進報告,但就 Backblaze 測試起來看起來是個好的開始:

In Q4 2019 we started qualifying Seagate 16 TB drives, model: ST16000NM001G. As of the end of Q4 we had 40 (forty) drives in operation, with a total of 1,440 drive days—well below our 5,000 drive day threshold for Q4, so they didn’t make the 2019 chart. There have been 0 (zero) failures through Q4, making the AFR 0%, a good start for any drive. Assuming they continue to pass our drive qualification process, they will be used in the 12 TB migration project and to add capacity as needed in 2020.

再來是把 2017/2018/2019 擺在一起看:

馬上可以看到的是 AFR 上升了不少,一個是因為 8TB 系列的硬碟進入中年期,另外是 Seagate 12TB 硬碟的問題:

The total AFR for 2019 rose significantly in 2019. About 75% of the different drive models experienced a rise in AFR from 2018 to 2019. There are two primary drivers behind this rise. First, the 8 TB drives as a group seem to be having a mid-life crisis as they get older, with each model exhibiting their highest failure rates recorded. While none of the rates is cause for worry, they contribute roughly one fourth (1/4) of the drive days to the total, so any rise in their failure rate will affect the total. The second factor is the Seagate 12 TB drives, this issue is being aggressively addressed by the 12 TB migration project reported on previously.

所以大原則還是跟以前差不多,沒有時間特別研究的話就先往 WD/HGST 這邊找...

FOSDEM 2020 挖寶

FOSDEM 應該是歐洲區最大的一般性的 open source conference (不是很確定),在今年二月初的 FOSDEM 2020 結束後,投影片與錄影也陸陸續續整理出來,所以也可以去挖寶翻一翻了:「FOSDEM 2020 - Events」。

另外整理一下歷年的 event 數量,這主辦方的 scalability 能力看起來很驚人啊,目前還在長:

裡面的 event 都有依照這種技術主題整理過,所以可以自己挑有興趣的主題先快速看一下投影片,有興趣的話再看影片。當然,如果看到特定有興趣的講者,也可以考慮直接看影片...

EBS io1 推出可以同時掛到多台的選項

EBS 的 io1 推出了可以同時掛到 16 台 EC2 instance 的選項:「New – Multi-Attach for Provisioned IOPS (io1) Amazon EBS Volumes」。

先看支援的區域,傳統主力區域 (us-east-1 與 eu-west-1) 都支援了,而亞洲區這邊反倒是南韓先支援了:

Multi-Attach for Provisioned IOPS (io1) volumes on Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is available today at no extra charge to customers in the US East (N. Virginia & Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Seoul) regions.

其中常用的目的是 HA:

Multi-Attach capability makes it easier to achieve higher availability for applications that provide write ordering to maintain storage consistency.

Heartbeat 類的應用應該可以用上這個東西,不過本來就可以透過 command line API 做到 detach & attach,用這個只是少了一個動作...

第二個想到的是,在實體機房的環境下,有些 filesystem (在「Shared-disk file systems」裡面可以翻到一些) 可以同時掛同一個 block storage (通常是透過 SAN),現在在 AWS 上面也可以這樣搞了。

不過 io1 記得不便宜啊...

第一堂:Course overview + the shell

這個系列是從『MIT 的「The Missing Semester of Your CS Education」』這邊延伸出來的,這篇文章講第一堂課「Course overview + the shell」。

前面大概講一下這 11 堂各一個小時的課大概是什麼,後面就開始講 shell 下的操作了。

先講了一些基本指令 (date & echo),然後提到了環境變數 $PATH,接著就講目錄結構與 ls,然後就順便提到 man 可以拿來查說明,接著是講 redirect 與 pipe 以及 root 權限的特殊性 (以及 sudo)。


$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/input6::scrolllock/brightness

MIT 的「The Missing Semester of Your CS Education」

MIT 推出的短期課程,在 CS 相關科系裡面不會教,但是如果學過的話會讓你的 CS 學習過程有很不一樣的改變:「The Missing Semester of Your CS Education」。

整個主軸是偏應用為主,其中花了很多篇章在講 CLI 下的工具,這點從每堂課的標題就可以看出來:

1/13: Course overview + the shell
1/14: Shell Tools and Scripting
1/15: Editors (Vim)
1/16: Data Wrangling
1/21: Command-line Environment
1/22: Version Control (Git)
1/23: Debugging and Profiling
1/27: Metaprogramming
1/28: Security and Cryptography
1/29: Potpourri
1/30: Q&A

我自己快速讀過去的時候發現,雖然這是入門課程,但我還是從裡面抓到了一些以前沒有關注的關鍵字 (像是 Python debugger pdb 與 profiling 相關的操作)。


Google 的搜尋廣告改版造成的混淆

Google 的搜尋廣告最近改版了,在 The Verge 的「Google’s ads just look like search results now」這邊可以看到報導以及 screenshot:

可以看到廣告的標示變成 favicon 了,使得使用者更容易誤會是搜尋內容。而這也使得廣告的點閱比例大幅提昇,像是「Google’s latest search results change further blurs what’s an ad」這邊提到的:

For all four clients (a local health care company, two business-to-business companies and an e-commerce company), the desktop click-through rates increased and ranged from 4% to 10.5%. All clients had slight declines in the click-through rates on mobile devices.

The Verge 後續也分析了這個改變帶來的反思:「How much longer will we trust Google’s search results?」。

我的建議是 uBlock Origin 當作基本工具 (在各瀏覽器上應該都有支援),另外進階一些可以用 DuckDuckGo 看看,但不保證搜尋品質會讓你滿意...

Avast 與 Jumpshot 販賣使用者瀏覽記錄與行為


報導可以看 PCMag 的「The Cost of Avast's Free Antivirus: Companies Can Spy on Your Clicks」與 Motherboard (VICE) 的「Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data」這兩篇,大綱先把重點列出來了,Avast 在賣使用者的瀏覽記錄與行為:

Avast is harvesting users' browser histories on the pretext that the data has been 'de-identified,' thus protecting your privacy. But the data, which is being sold to third parties, can be linked back to people's real identities, exposing every click and search they've made.

Avast 利用免費的防毒軟體,蒐集使用者的瀏覽記錄與行為,然後透過 Jumpshot 這家子公司販賣出去:

The Avast division charged with selling the data is Jumpshot, a company subsidiary that's been offering access to user traffic from 100 million devices, including PCs and phones.


Who else might have access to Jumpshot's data remains unclear. The company's website says it's worked with other brands, including IBM, Microsoft, and Google. However, Microsoft said it has no current relationship with Jumpshot. IBM, on the other hand, has "no record" of being a client of either Avast or Jumpshot. Google did not respond to a request for comment.

Microsoft 說「現在沒有關係」,IBM 說「沒有 client 的記錄」,Google 則是不回應。


For instance, a single click can theoretically look like this:

Device ID: abc123x Date: 2019/12/01 Hour Minute Second: 12:03:05 Domain: Product: Apple iPad Pro 10.5 - 2017 Model - 256GB, Rose Gold Behavior: Add to Cart

At first glance, the click looks harmless. You can't pin it to an exact user. That is, unless you're, which could easily figure out which Amazon user bought an iPad Pro at 12:03:05 on Dec. 1, 2019. Suddenly, device ID: 123abcx is a known user. And whatever else Jumpshot has on 123abcx's activity—from other e-commerce purchases to Google searches—is no longer anonymous.

所以,如果 Google 手上有這個資料,就可以交叉比對自家的記錄,然後得到使用者完整的記錄。

在消息一公開後沒多久後,Avast 就宣佈關閉 Jumpshot,感覺連被抓包後的反應動作都超流暢,一臉就是排練過:「A message from Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek」。

看了一下,Avast 旗下還有 AVG,還有個 VPN 服務...

Runtime 期間的最佳化工具:Dynimize

忘記在哪邊看到「Reduce MySQL CPU Usage Through Dynamic Binary Optimization」這篇文章了,裡面其實是在描述自家產品 Dynimize 的威猛。

翻了一些資料可以發現這個產品出來一陣子了,在 2018 的時候曾經在 Percona Live 上發表過:「Accelerating MySQL with JIT Compilers」,可以看出來有點像是 PGO (Profile-guided optimization) 的行為,只是他可以直接對 binary 處理。

定價的部份會是這類產品的重點,如果價錢比加硬體貴的話就沒那麼好用了... 在 Dynimize Pricing 這邊可以看到是 per CPU 的價錢,$0.00139/hr、$1/month 或是一次性的 $24,以效能提昇的程度來看,如果在 database 這邊是 CPU bound,是個頗值得投資的項目。

Android 上的 Firefox 可以安裝 uBlock Origin 了

Update:我寫的這篇標題與內容是錯的,請參考 comment 提到的說明。

在桌機上擋廣告的神器 uBlock Origin 總算是要被移植到 AndroidFirefox 上了:「uBlock Origin available soon in new Firefox for Android Nightly」。

In the next few weeks, uBlock Origin will be the first add-on to become available in the new Firefox for Android. It is currently available on Firefox Preview Nightly and will soon be available on Firefox for Android Nightly.


把 BOOKWALKER 的書名完整顯示出來

從剛開始工作就有在看輕小說,但是現在住在外面租屋,實在不方便買一堆實體書,所以就弄了 iPad 在看電子書 (yeah,我對電子紙的材質還是不太喜歡,不過那是另外一回事了...),平台的話主力就是 BOOKWALKER

然後每次買書都會遇到很討厭的問題,最重要的集數給我顯示出來啊啊啊 (上排中間的書名,與下排左二與中間的書名):

看起來是被 height + overflow 幹掉了,所以寫了一個 處理,讓他不受到 height 限制冒出來 (需要安裝 Stylus (Chrome) 或是 Stylus (Firefox) 之類的套件):