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Amazon Lightsail 也把 RDS 拿出來賣了...

RDS (MySQL) 也被 Amazon Lightsail 包裝出來賣了:「New – Managed Databases for Amazon Lightsail」。

目前支援 MySQL 5.6 與 MySQL 5.7:

We are launching with support for MySQL 5.6 and 5.7, and will add support for PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10 very soon.

然後規格與價位,其中頻寬費用是指不同區時的頻寬 (同一區內的不計費):

Data Transfer – Data transfer to and from Lightsail instances in the same AWS Region does not count against the usage that is included in your plan.

這個服務應該是目前其他 VPS 沒提供的,這樣可以預期其他 VPS 應該也會被迫推出類似的服務?然後 AWS 也會再搬其他的服務出來賣?

Cloudflare 的 Workers KV

Cloudflare 推出了 Workers KV 服務:「Building With Workers KV, a Fast Distributed Key-Value Store」。

是個 key-value 結構服務 (全球性,eventually consistent,約 10 秒的同步時間),key 的限制是 2KB,value 是 64KB,一個 namespace 最多 10 億筆資料。

讀取可以到 100k+ read/s,但寫入是 1 write/s/key,可以看出來主要是為了讀取資料而設計的。

現有的 worker ($5/month) 會送一些量,包括 1GB 的空間與一千萬次的讀取:

Your $5 monthly Workers compute minimum includes 1 GB of KV storage and up to 10 million KV reads. If you use less than the 10 million included Worker requests now, you can use KV without paying a single cent more.


Beyond the minimums, Workers KV is billed at $0.50 per GB-month of additional storage and $0.50 per million additional KV reads.

這樣好像整個 blog 的基本功能都可以直接在上面跑了... 而搜尋靠外部服務,圖片與影音也可以靠外部空間協助?

Amazon Aurora 支援 Parallel Query 加速

Amazon Aurora 推出了 Parallel Query,可以加速計算速度:「New – Parallel Query for Amazon Aurora」。原理是利用 Aurora 把 storage 層打散的前提,所以有機會透過螞蟻雄兵處理:

官方給的範例可以連到原文去看,可以看到有打開 aurora_pq 與沒打開的效能差異:

15 rows in set (1 min 53.36 sec)
15 rows in set (1 hour 25 min 51.89 sec)

打開後大約是原來的 1/45 時間,提昇超多...

不過還是有些限制,我最在意的就是目前只支援相容於 MySQL 5.6 的版本 (居然不是先支援 5.7):

Engine Support – We are launching with support for MySQL 5.6, and are working on support for MySQL 5.7 and PostgreSQL.

然後沒有多餘費用,只是 i/o cost 可能會增加:

Cost – You can make use of Parallel Query at no extra charge. However, because it makes direct access to storage, there is a possibility that your IO cost will increase.

SQL 的設計與寫作規範

看到「SQL Style Guide」這個網站,把 SQL 常見的行為都列出來,寫了一份規範... 每個團隊未必都要照這個規範走,可以透過他條列的項目思考,再改成自己團隊的規範。

附註一下,最底下有繁體中文的翻譯版本,如果懶的看英文的版本可以看這份:「SQL樣式指南 · SQL Style Guide」。

Amazon DynamoDB 提供 Docker Image 讓開發者可以在本地端測試

AWS 推出了 Amazon DynamoDB 的相容 Docker Image,讓開發者可以在本地端測試 DynamoDB 的 API:「Use Amazon DynamoDB Local More Easily with the New Docker Image」,在 amazon/dynamodb-local 這邊可以拉到,裡面其實是包 Java:

DynamoDB local is now available to download as a self-contained Docker image or a .jar file that can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and other platforms that support Java.

這樣在 Continuous Integration (CI) 的過程裡面也可以拉起 service 測試...

Aurora Serverless MySQL 進入 GA

AWS 宣佈能 auto-scale 的 Aurora Serverless MySQL 進入 GA:「Aurora Serverless MySQL Generally Available」:


Aurora Serverless for Aurora MySQL is available now in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland).

以秒計費,但低消是 5 分鐘:

You pay a flat rate per second of ACU usage, with a minimum of 5 minutes of usage each time the database is activated.

us-east-1 的價錢來看,每個 ACU 是 USD$0.06/hour,而每個 ACU 大約是 standard instance 的價錢:

1 ACU has approximately 2 GB of memory with corresponding CPU and networking, similar to what is used in Aurora Standard instances.

但這沒看懂,是 db.t2.small 還是 db.t2.medium?另外比較是全速還是 small 的 20% 或 medium 的 40%?這部份也許還要再問看看才知道...

storage 與 I/O 的費用則是相同,倒是不用比較這塊... 再來不知道有沒有推出 Reserved ACU 的計畫,光是一年付清就差蠻多的。


從 Aurora 同步到 EC2 上的 MySQL

Percona 這篇「How to Set Up Replication Between AWS Aurora and an External MySQL Instance」講怎麼設定 Amazon Aurora,把資料同步到外部的 MySQL instance。

其中最重要的應該是你需要透過 snapshot 建出 consistent backup,然後用這份資料去接 Aurora 的 master server:

Create a snapshot and restore it (create a new instance from a snapshot). This is only needed to make a consistent copy with mysqldump. As Aurora does not allow “super” privileges, running mysqldump --master-data is not possible. The snapshot is the only way to get a consistent backup with the specific binary log position.