Opera 將被 Microsoft 收購?

這幾天不少人在討論的消息 :p 不過 說:(Microsoft buying Opera?)

I have no freaking idea either way, but didn’t the Riya deal teach us anything? That rumors are just that - at least until the deal is signed? All the key players are on vacation right now, though, so I doubt something is up.

也就是說,最少要等到星期一假期結束,才有可能會看到新的消息 :)

del.icio.us 的 Firefox Extension

平常是用 的 Bookmarklet 整理連結,不過缺點就是慢 (要先連到 上)。

剛剛在 上看到了這個:[FF] del.icio.us 官方推出 Firefox Extension,於是我就跑去抓 Unofficial Version 的 XD

嘗試 Bookmark 一個 url,頗不錯啊,過一陣子如果還在用的話再說好了 :p