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Libevent 的使用 (簡介)

隨便寫寫,開頭只先講幾個常用的 model,然後說明為什麼要用 ,然後舉個簡單的例子:


分好幾塊,一塊是必修課程的 (主要是 Network Programming 吃重),一塊是老闆要我們看的 Elliptic Curve (要先看 Discrete Logarithm over Finite Field),然後還有合併後系計中的幾個架構 (CMS、Mailing List、Ports),還有 Firewall code 要寫 o_O

因為等下要上 Seminar,所以我等下再修改這篇文章... XD (突然想到 7-11 的也還沒寫)

Google BigTable

Google's BigTable 得知 Jeff Dean 將在 10/18 在 講 BigTable:

BigTable is a system for storing and managing very large amounts of structured data. The system is designed to manage several petabytes of data distributed across thousands of machines, with very high update and read request rates coming from thousands of simultaneous clients. In this talk, Jeff will discuss the basic design of BigTable and its implementation, provide some performance measurements, and outline some current applications of the system. He'll also touch on Google's future goals and directions for the system.

屆時在 Colloquium and Televised Talk Information 也可以看到轉播。