iMac Core Duo 的效率

的新聞,MacWorld's iMac Core Duo Benchmarks Debunked?

宣稱使用 Intel CPU 的效率大約是 G5 的兩倍到四倍,但 雜誌則說,並沒有 所說的那麼快:First Lab Tests: iMac with Intel Core Duo processor

而在 測試的結果也說明其實兩者的速度差不多:Mac Performance In The Raw - Wow! The Intel iMac Is Almost As Fast As The Quad Core Power Mac - How Macworld Pulled A "Not So Fast" One ...

表格裡面都可以看出來在某些項目 G5 甚至比較快,所以我們應該懷疑 從 PPC 換到 x86 是否如同 所說的,是因為 Power Consumption (Performance per watt)?或者是為了未來的十年的秘密計畫做打算?

有人發現 又繼續幹了一些事情:

  • Google Images Censors Too in China 這篇文章說明了 也被過濾,這是英文版搜尋「天安門」的圖片:


  • Google Removes Its Help Entry on Censorship, More News 則說明了 拿掉了本來在 上的過濾政策:

    Google does not censor results for any search term. The order and content of our results are completely automated; we do not manipulate our search results by hand. We believe strongly in allowing the democracy of the web to determine the inclusion and ranking of sites in our search results. To learn more about Google’s search technology, please visit ...

    不過,如果用 Cache 找原來網頁,還是可以找到這段文字:

Update 在他們的 上發表了「公關稿」:Google in China

BitComet 安全漏洞

剛剛在 看到的:BitCometURI.c,攻擊者可以製造一個特殊的 .torrent 然後散佈出去,當 開啟檔案的時候會 crash,而且會執行 .torrent 檔裡面所帶有的 evil code:

A vulnerability in BitComet allows remote attackers to construct a special .torrent file and put it on any BitTorrent publishing web site. When a user downloads the .torrent file and clicks on publishers name, BitComet will crash. An attacker can run arbitrary code on victims' host by specially crafted .torrent file.

看起來 不久後就得出 0.62 了 :p


看到的笑話:How Many Gizmodo Writers Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

我看到之後第一個想到的是 的 FAQ:How many FreeBSD hackers does it take to change a lightbulb? (有中文版的翻譯,即 要幾個 FreeBSD hacker 才能換掉一個電燈泡?)

不過 的比較有趣 :p (尤其是更熟悉 的權力運作後再來看這個笑話)

Intel Core Duo

亮相二十天後,CPU 的部分就已經找到 34 個問題:34 Design Flaws in 20 Days of Intel Core Duo

有些問題可以在軟體層 (在作業系統或是應用程式裡處理) 避開,有些問題只是會影響到效率 (像是該 cache 的部份沒有做),有些則是 debug 的時候會產生異常情況 (平常跑的時候不會),不過仍然有不少問題可能會導致莫名其妙當機 XD

呃,比較糟糕的是 似乎沒打算修... (反正當了就重開?)

eMule 的 Encrypted Connection

那邊看到 不打算加入 Encrypted Connection 的功能:emule 發展者對加密傳輸的政策

在 eMule 的 forum 上,Frequently Asked Features, read this before posting a new Request 這篇文章裡:

Features you won't see in eMule:
Encrypted transfer - This only wastes resources and offers you no advantage. It doesn't offer you more privacy as the receiver of the data always has to decrypt it and the receiver could be any untrusted person. Encryption would only help against a Man-In-The-Middle attack which never happens for P2P-Networks as there are easier ways (see the sentence above).

不過似乎沒抓到重點,Encrypted Connection 的目的只是要閃開 P2P Filtering 的設備...