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Intel Core Duo

亮相二十天後,CPU 的部分就已經找到 34 個問題:34 Design Flaws in 20 Days of Intel Core Duo

有些問題可以在軟體層 (在作業系統或是應用程式裡處理) 避開,有些問題只是會影響到效率 (像是該 cache 的部份沒有做),有些則是 debug 的時候會產生異常情況 (平常跑的時候不會),不過仍然有不少問題可能會導致莫名其妙當機 XD

呃,比較糟糕的是 似乎沒打算修... (反正當了就重開?)

eMule 的 Encrypted Connection

那邊看到 不打算加入 Encrypted Connection 的功能:emule 發展者對加密傳輸的政策

在 eMule 的 forum 上,Frequently Asked Features, read this before posting a new Request 這篇文章裡:

Features you won't see in eMule:
Encrypted transfer - This only wastes resources and offers you no advantage. It doesn't offer you more privacy as the receiver of the data always has to decrypt it and the receiver could be any untrusted person. Encryption would only help against a Man-In-The-Middle attack which never happens for P2P-Networks as there are easier ways (see the sentence above).

不過似乎沒抓到重點,Encrypted Connection 的目的只是要閃開 P2P Filtering 的設備...


看到的技巧,利用新的一年,搜尋 "Copyright 2006" 這個詞,觀察各家搜尋引擎的更新速度有多快 (的確是個好方法 :p):How Quickly Do Different Search Engines Mirror the Web?

以目前的搜尋頁面數量來說, 最高, 次之。不過作者有提到關於 Link Spam 的事情:

Note the results shown here are not necessarily connected to search results quality; e.g. a search engine may decide that certain content (like a spam farm copying other sites) is not interesting enough to searchers to be picked up often.

另外要注意各家 Search Engine 對 Page Count 的算法並不一樣,所以這個數字僅供參考 :p

GPLv3 Draft

Open Source 界的大事,GPLv3 Draft 出爐:Welcome to GPLv3

GPLv3 Draft 不知道能不能通過 Open Source Initiative 的認證 (希望不能 XD):

6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor

The license must not restrict anyone from making use of the program in a specific field of endeavor. For example, it may not restrict the program from being used in a business, or from being used for genetic research.

Update 放了一個比較好讀的版本:

Update新開原碼授權瞄準DRM、好萊塢 ()、GPL 3草案公共辯論開始 ()。

FreeBSD jail 下的瑣事

這幾天又再弄 jail,遇到一些瑣事,想到就順便記下來。像是 jail 弄好之後發現沒有帳號可以登入,在 jail host 上:

cd /jail_path/etc
vim master.passwd
pwd_mkdb -d . master.passwd


vipw -d /jail_path/etc