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Firefox 的大量寫入對 SSD 的影響

在「Firefox is eating your SSD - here is how to fix it」這邊講到 Firefox 寫入對 SSD 的影響,先引用文章裡的解法: After some digging, I found out that this behavior is controlled by a parameter that you can access through typing “about:config” in the address … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL 上,直接將 SSD 的內容送到 GPU 上,加速讀取速度

在 PostgreSQL 上針對讀取檔案到 GPU 上的成果:「GpuScan + SSD-to-GPU Direct DMA」(日文版)、「(EN) GpuScan + SSD-to-GPU Direct DMA」(英文版)。 主要的原因在於雖然已經有 PGStorm 讓 PostgreSQL 把運算丟到 GPU 上加速,但從 disk 讀到 GPU 這段還是有改善的空間: PG-Strom that is an extension of PostgreSQL to off-load multiple SQL workloads on GPU devices, … Continue reading

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ING Bank 在羅馬尼亞的機房出事...

ING Bank 在羅馬尼亞的機房發生資料損毀:「A Loud Sound Just Shut Down a Bank's Data Center for 10 Hours」。 不過原因是因為火災測試時噴發的音量太大,導致硬碟故障 XDDD ING Bank’s main data center in Bucharest, Romania, was severely damaged over the weekend during a fire extinguishing test. In what is a … Continue reading

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Lenovo 開始出 Microsoft-only 機了,其他的 OS 都會被鎖住不能用

有人在 Reddit 上抱怨買了一台 Lenovo 的機器卻不能裝 Linux,因為會抓不到硬碟:「Warning: Microsoft Signature PC program now requires that you can't run Linux. Lenovo's recent Ultrabooks among affected systems.」,官方回覆是: This system has a Signature Edition of Windows 10 Home installed. It is locked per our agreement … Continue reading

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Linode 東京機房擴充的工作...

在 Twitter 上看到 Linode 在處理東京機房的照片 (應該是還在美國?): Getting ready for our Tokyo trip. — Linode (@linode) September 20, 2016 這樣年底應該有機會看到了?

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CPU 指令的速度

在「Infographics: Operation Costs in CPU Clock Cycles」這邊看到張有趣的圖片: 文章大致說明了底層指令速度差異的由來,另外也提到了 C/C++ Function Calls、Indirect and Virtual Calls、Allocations、Kernel Calls、C++ Exceptions 以及 Thread Context Switches 這些高階面向的 CPU clock cycle 差異... 不過重點還是在這張圖 XD

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MIT Media Lab 弄出個好玩的東西,可以不打開書直接掃描書的內容:「Can computers read through a book page by page without opening it?」,主標題是「Terahertz time-gated spectral imaging for content extraction through layered structures」。 用 100Ghz 到 3Thz 的電磁波掃描: In our new study we explore a range of frequencies from … Continue reading

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FASTER 海纜的消息

Google 也參與的海纜 FASTER 陸陸續續放出消息了,這次是放出台灣日本之間的新聞:「Making Google a little bit FASTER across Asia」。 2014 年時對外宣佈:「Google, Asian companies to build $300 mn super-high-speed Trans-Pacific underwater cable system」,不過當時提到是 60Tbps,維基百科上的資料也是如此: FASTER will have the design capacity of 60 Tbps (100Gb/s x 100 wavelengths x 6 … Continue reading

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印度的免費 4G...

印度最富有的企業家決定提供免費的 4G 網路讓更多人可以上網:「India's richest man offers free 4G to one billion people」: India's richest man is rolling out a $20 billion mobile network that could bring lightning-fast Internet to hundreds of millions of people. 到 2016 年底: Indians will be … Continue reading

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玩 Pokémon Go 抓怪用的 iPhone 手機殼...

看到「This iPhone thong case will help you catch 'em all in 'Pokémon Go'」這個,光看圖就知道意思了: 應該是用 3D Printer 做出來的: If this sounds familiar, it's basically the commercialized, rubberized version of the 3D-printed Poké Ball "aimer" case that one guy made. 不過這不能丟 Curveball … Continue reading

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