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利用 Sensor 校正資訊產生 Device Fingerprint 的隱私攻擊

看到「Fingerprinting iPhones」這篇提出的攻擊,標題雖然是提到 iPhone,但實際上攻擊包括了 Android 的手機:

You are affected by this fingerprinting attack if you are using any iOS devices with the iOS version below 12.2, including the latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. You are also likely to be affected if you are using a Pixel 2/3 device, although we hypothesise the generated fingerprint has less entropy and is unlikely to be globally unique. A SensorID can be generated by both apps and mobile websites and requires no user interaction.

目前 iPhone 升級到 12.2 之後可以緩解這個問題,Android 看起來還不清楚...

攻擊的方式是透過手機在出場前會使用外部的校正工具,找出手機內 sensor 所偵測到的值與實際值的差異,然後把這些資訊燒到韌體裡,當呼叫 API 時就可以修正給出比較正確的值。

而因為這些校正資訊幾乎每一隻手機都不一樣,而且不會因為重裝而變更 (即使 factory reset),加上還可以跨 app 與 web 追蹤,就成為這次攻擊的目標:

In the context of mobile devices, the main benefit of per-device calibration is that it allows more accurate attitude estimation.

資訊量其實相當大,透過 app 分析可以得到 67 bits entropy,透過網頁也有 42 bits entropy,而且不怎麼會變:

In general, it is difficult to create a unique fingerprint for iOS devices due to strict sandboxing and device homogeneity. However, we demonstrated that our approach can produce globally unique fingerprints for iOS devices from an installed app -- around 67 bits of entropy for the iPhone 6S. Calibration fingerprints generated by a website are less unique (~42 bits of entropy for the iPhone 6S), but they are orthogonal to existing fingerprinting techniques and together they are likely to form a globally unique fingerprint for iOS devices.

We have not observed any change in the SensorID of our test devices in the past half year. Our dataset includes devices running iOS 9/10/11/12. We have tested compass calibration, factory reset, and updating iOS (up until iOS 12.1); the SensorID always stays the same. We have also tried measuring the sensor data at different locations and under different temperatures; we confirm that these factors do not change the SensorID either.

目前提出來的解法是加入隨機值的噪音 (iOS 的作法),不過作者有建議預設應該要關閉 js 存取 sensor 的權限:

To mitigate this calibration fingerprint attack, vendors can add uniformly distributed random noise to ADC outputs before calibration is applied. Alternatively, vendors could round the sensor outputs to the nearest multiple of the nominal gain. Please refer to our paper for more details. In addition, we recommend privacy-focused mobile browsers add an option to disable the access to motion sensors via JavaScript. This could help protect Android devices and iOS devices that no longer receive updates from Apple.



Hacker News 上看到「Show HN: Scar – Static websites with HTTPS, a global CDN, and custom domains (」這篇,除了文章連結外,留言提到了不少工具...

一種是透過 GitHub Pages 的方式提供服務,或是透過 Netlify,需求真的需要動到 AWS 元件的情況其實還是考慮用傳統一點的架構 (EC2 或是 VPS) 會更有彈性。


「Oh shit, git!」:常見的 Git 操作問題

Oh shit, git!」這個站台列出了常見的 Git 問題與可能的解法,不過我最愛最後一個,看起來很萬用的砍掉重練:

cd ..
sudo rm -r fucking-git-repo-dir
git clone https://some.github.url/fucking-git-repo-dir.git
cd fucking-git-repo-dir

雖然最後這個方法有種惡搞感,不過裡面其他提到的問題其實都還蠻常見的,包括了修改最新一個 commit 的 commit log,或是想要再多加一些東西到最新的 commit 上,以及 commit 錯 branch 後要怎麼處理。

Nokia 釋出的 Memory Profiler

Rust 開發的 memory profiler,可以抓 memory leaking 與 memory fragmentation,然後宣稱效能影響也比較低:「A memory profiler for Linux」,有提供網頁界面,還蠻美觀的:

給的範例有兩行,一行是跑 profiler:

LD_PRELOAD=./ ./your_application

另外一行是讀資料給 HTTP server:

./memory-profiler-cli server memory-profiling_*.dat


在一連串的安全更新後,AMD 的 CPU 比 Intel 快了...

在「Intel Performance Hit 5x Harder Than AMD After Spectre, Meltdown Patches」這邊看到的測試:

把現有的安全性更新都開啟後,Intel CPU 的效能掉了 20% 左右 (在 Intel 上需要把 HT 關掉):

While the impacts vary tremendously from virtually nothing too significant on an application-by-application level, the collective whack is ~15-16 percent on all Intel CPUs without Hyper-Threading disabled. Disabling increases the overall performance impact to 20 percent (for the 7980XE), 24.8 percent (8700K) and 20.5 percent (6800K).

The AMD CPUs are not tested with HT disabled, because disabling SMT isn’t a required fix for the situation on AMD chips, but the cumulative impact of the decline is much smaller. AMD loses ~3 percent with all fixes enabled

可以注意到兩家目前桌機的頂規在上了安全性更新後,AMD 的 2990WX 比 Intel 的 7980XE 快了一些些... 當初擠牙膏擠出來的都吐回去了,不知道之後出的 security issue 還需要再吐多少回去。

Elasticsearch 提供免費版本的安全功能

Elasticsearch 決定將基本的安全功能從付費功能轉為免費釋出,很明顯的是受到 Open Distro for Elasticsearch 的壓力而做出的改變:「Security for Elasticsearch is now free」。

要注意的是這不是 open source 版本,只是將這些功能放到 basic tier 裡讓使用者免費使用:

Previously, these core security features required a paid Gold subscription. Now they are free as a part of the Basic tier. Note that our advanced security features — from single sign-on and Active Directory/LDAP authentication to field- and document-level security — remain paid features.

這代表 Open Distro for Elasticsearch 提供的還是比較多:

With Open Distro for Elasticsearch, you can leverage your existing authentication infrastructure such as LDAP/Active Directory, SAML, Kerberos, JSON web tokens, TLS certificates, and Proxy authentication/SSO for user authentication. An internal user repository with support for basic HTTP authentication is also avaliable for easy setup and evaluation.

Granular, role-based access control enables you to control the actions a user can perform on your Elasticsearch cluster. Roles control cluster operations, access to indices, and even the fields and documents users can access. Open Distro for Elasticsearch also supports multi-tenant environments, allowing multiple teams to share the same cluster while only being able to access their team's data and dashboards.

目前看起來還是可以朝 Open Distro for Elasticsearch 靠過去...

用 Google Docs 惡搞的方式...

看到「UDS : Unlimited Drive Storage」這個專案,利用 Google Docs 存放資料。主要的原因是因為 Google Docs 不計入 Google Drive 所使用的空間:

Google Docs take up 0 bytes of quota in your Google Drive

用這個方法可以存放不少大檔案 (像是各種 ISO image),讓人想起當年 Love Machine 的玩法 (不知道的人可以參考「愛的機器 Love machine」這篇),切割檔案後傳到某些空間以提供下載?只是這邊是用 base64 放到 Google Docs 上...

base64 的資料會比原始資料大 33%,而 Google Docs 單篇的上限大約是 710KB:

Size of the encoded file is always larger than the original. Base64 encodes binary data to a ratio of about 4:3.

A single google doc can store about a million characters. This is around 710KB of base64 encoded data.

方法不是太新鮮,但是讓人頗懷念的... XD

在 Raspberry Pi 上面設定 Fixed IP (Static IP)

家裡本來是用 Raspberry Pi (第一代) 跑 SmokePing 觀察有線電視提供的網路 (看品質狀況),但前陣子 SD card 掛掉了... 只好網路上找一張新的 SD card 重新裝一套系統。

在拿到卡後去 Raspberry Pi 的官網上下載最新版的 Raspbian,發現版本變新後,裡面有不少東西不一樣了 :o

固定 IP address 以前都是改 /etc/network/interfaces,但裡面可以看到還蠻有趣的警告,我就是要設定 Static IP:

# Please note that this file is written to be used with dhcpcd
# For static IP, consult /etc/dhcpcd.conf and 'man dhcpcd.conf'

這邊說明了如果要設定固定 IP 的話不要改這個檔案,而是修改 /etc/dhcpcd.confdhcpcd 處理。


interface eth0
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=


Facebook 的招募狀況

Facebook 的各種醜聞知道招募變難 (而且醜聞沒停過),但變得多困難則是第一次看到報導:「Facebook has struggled to hire talent since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to recruiters who worked there」。

新鮮人的接受從 85% 掉到 35%~55%,依據不同的學校而有差異:

Among top schools, Facebook’s acceptance rate for full-time positions offered to new graduates has fallen from an average of 85% for the 2017-2018 school year to between 35% and 55% as of December.

Among top schools, such as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and Ivy League universities, Facebook’s acceptance rate for full-time positions offered to new graduates has fallen from an average of 85% for the 2017-2018 school year to between 35% and 55% as of December, according to former Facebook recruiters. The biggest decline came from Carnegie Mellon University, where the acceptance rate for new recruits dropped to 35%.

工程師則是從 90% 掉到 50%:

The company has seen a decline in its job offer acceptance rates to software engineer candidates from nearly 90% in late 2016 to almost 50% in early 2019.

Facebook 發言人 Anthony Harrison 否認,不過沒有給出說明:

After the publication of this story, Harrison contacted CNBC to say "these numbers are totally wrong."

Facebook disputed the accuracy of the recruiters' accounts, but declined to point out any specific points that were wrong.

Hacker News 上的討論也蠻有趣的:「」,有不少其他的觀察。

用 Userscript 在 Gmail 裡面展開連結

前一篇「在 Gmail 裡面展開 GitHub 信件連結的 Userscript」是展開 GitHub 的連結,但這個套件是用document.querySelectorAll() 抓出來,裡面寫死了不少東西...

用了幾天後我還是只想開 commit 相關的連結 (用 regex 表示的話就是 ^https://github\.com/[^/]+/[^/]+/commit/),所以就找看看 Tampermonkey 能不能有 Config Page 或是 Option Page 可以讓使用者設定,結果發現本身沒支援:「Create a “config” or “options” page for a Greasemonkey script」。

但回覆裡面有提供一些方案可以用,我後來選了 MonkeyConfig,至少可以讓使用者設定 regex...

新的 Userscript 放在「open-links-in-gmail」這邊。