ARM 版的 Windows 宣稱要改善 x86 轉譯速度

在「Microsoft gives Windows new compiler, kernel, scheduler, and x86 translation layer on ARM」這邊看到的:

Microsoft also unveiled the name for its new x86 translation layer for Windows on ARM: Prism. Microsoft told Ars Technica that Prism is as fast as Apple’s Rosetta 2, which is interesting because Apple’s M series chips contain special silicon to speed up the translation process, making me wonder if Qualcomm has done the same, or is just brute-forcing it.

看起來之前 Windows 平板上跑 x86 應用程式很慢的痛點有機會改善?另外不知道技術相似度如何,有沒有機會看到細節分析...

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