ICQ 宣佈於 2024/06/26 終止服務

Hacker News 上看到「ICQ will stop working from June 26 (icq.com)」,原始公告在「ICQ will stop working from June 26」這邊。

就只有公告,沒有其他說明,確認一下 html 的確是沒有其他說明:

<div class="section0__text">
<h2>ICQ will stop working <br/>from June 26</h2>
<p>You can chat with friends in VK Messenger, <br/>and with colleagues in VK WorkSpace</p>

所以 ICQ 將在 2024/06/26 終止服務,翻了維基百科上的 ICQ 條目,看起來是 1996 年開始,然後現在轉手幾次後現在是在 VK 手上:

Originally developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis in 1996, the client was bought by AOL in 1998, and then by Mail.Ru Group (now VK) in 2010.


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