Winamp 打算要放出程式碼

在「Winamp has announced that it is "opening up" its source code (」這邊看到的消息,原公告則是在「Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows.」這邊。

這篇公告上面的「Dec 16, 1」不知道是什麼... Anyway,預定今年九月的時候公開程式碼,在 id=40383890 這邊有提到可能的原因:

Winamp's owners have been going through financial difficulties since last year and as a result have laid off the skeleton crew they previously had maintaining Winamp (their main focus seems to be a streaming service also called Winamp for HTML5 and phones). This looks like they're willing to let the community take over maintenance for PC Winamp, which beats letting it die IMO.


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