Slack 要拿使用者資料訓練 AI

在「Slack AI Training with Customer Data (」這邊看到的,原公告在「Privacy Principles: Search, Learning and Artificial Intelligence」這邊。

預設會被丟進去訓練,Opt-out 無法直接設定,需要透過 e-mail 寫信找 (yeah,dark pattern):

Contact us to opt out. If you want to exclude your Customer Data from Slack global models, you can opt out. To opt out, please have your Org or Workspace Owners or Primary Owner contact our Customer Experience team at with your Workspace/Org URL and the subject line “Slack Global model opt-out request.” We will process your request and respond once the opt out has been completed.

拿企業資料來搞事嗎... 這應該已經不只是 privacy 議題而是 security 層面了,PR 層面鐵定很難看,來看後面會不會轉彎?

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