Chrome 124 啟用了 X25519Kyber768

在「Google Chrome's new post-quantum cryptography may break TLS connections」這邊看到的,出自「Q1 2024 Summary from Chrome Security」這邊的公告。

Chrome 124 預設啟用 X25519Kyber768 了:

After several months of experimentation for compatibility and performance impacts, we’re launching a hybrid postquantum TLS key exchange to desktop platforms in Chrome 124. This protects users’ traffic from so-called “store now decrypt later” attacks, in which a future quantum computer could decrypt encrypted traffic recorded today.

如果遇到問題的話可以在 chrome://flags 裡面的 #enable-tls13-kyber 關閉後重開瀏覽器... 不過應該是還好,大多數的 HTTPS server 應該都沒有實作 X25519Kyber768,就算是 Cloudflare 應該預設也是關的。

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