IEEE 也宣佈禁用 Lenna 圖了

Lenna (Lena) 是個經典的標準測試圖片,一方面是因為有很多細節可以觀察 image-related algorithm 的情況,另外一方面也是因為這張圖是取自 1972 年的 Playboy 雜誌:

Lenna (or Lena) is a standard test image used in the field of digital image processing starting in 1973, but it is no longer considered appropriate by some authors.

To explain why the image became a standard in the field, David C. Munson, editor-in-chief of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, stated that it was a good test image because of its detail, flat regions, shading, and texture. He also noted that "the Lena image is a picture of an attractive woman. It is not surprising that the (mostly male) image processing research community gravitated toward an image that they found attractive."

也因為後者的原因,後來也有愈來愈多其他的圖片可以達到類似的效果 (甚至更好),就有替代的聲音出現了。

另外一方面,Lena 本人在 2019 年也提到希望淡出的想法:「How a Nude “Playboy” Photo Became a Fixture in the Tech World」。

But I retired from modeling a long time ago. It’s time I retired from tech, too.

而最新的消息就是 2024/04/01 開始,IEEE 不再接受使用 Lenna 圖的投稿:「Institute bans use of Playboy test image in engineering journals」。


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