Gitea 預定淘汰掉 jQuery + Fomantic-UI + Semantic-UI,改用 Tailwind CSS

在「So long jQuery, and thanks for all the fish」這邊宣佈了 jQuery 的退役計畫,會改用 Tailwind CSS

We would like to celebrate the significant work done to remove a significant portion of jQuery in our codebase and the start of the switch to using Tailwind CSS.

We would also like to thank the creators and maintainers of jQuery, Fomantic-UI, and Semantic-UI which we have used for many years, and while the usage of these projects in Gitea will be going away, they have powered Gitea's interface for almost an entire decade.

不確定是不是一個好的方向,因為在這十年前端的「蓬勃發展」後,jQuery 其實比較起來變得非常輕量 (87KB,如果是 gzipped 後則是 30KB),而且從一開始 John Resig 就很在意執行速度,不像現在各種 framework 都是抽象再抽象,沒在管效能的...

目前應該會在 Gitea 1.22 亮相,到時候可以看看改出來的結果...

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