Cloudflare Workers 支援 Python (是 open beta)

Cloudflare 宣佈 Cloudflare Workers 支援 Python:「Bringing Python to Workers using Pyodide and WebAssembly」。

不過比較特別的是,並不是原生支援 Python 環境,而是透過轉譯成 WebAssembly 丟進 V8 engine 執行,就如同文章標題提到的。

另外是套件的部分,照這個文字的說明,應該不是所有的套件都可以丟進去用 (can import a subnet of popular Python packages),支援的套件看起來是預先 compile 好:

All bindings, including bindings to Vectorize, Workers AI, R2, Durable Objects, and more are supported on day one. Python Workers can import a subset of popular Python packages including FastAPI, Langchain, Numpy and more. There are no extra build steps or external toolchains.

看起來是打算全部都用 javascript 當作基礎?

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