Let's Encrypt 簽發新的 Intermediate CA

Let's Encrypt 宣佈簽發新的 Intermediate CA:「New Intermediate Certificates」。

這次用 ISRG Root X1 簽了很多東西出來:

On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, Let’s Encrypt generated 10 new Intermediate CA Key Pairs, and issued 15 new Intermediate CA Certificates containing the new public keys.

ISRG Root X1 簽了五組 2048-bit RSA 的 intermediate CA,被叫做 R10~R14:

We created 5 new 2048-bit RSA intermediate certificates named in sequence from R10 through R14. These are issued by ISRG Root X1. You can think of them as direct replacements for our existing R3 and R4 intermediates.

另外 ISRG Root X1 也簽出五組 P-384 ECDSA 的 intermediate CA,被叫做 E5~E9;另外 ISRG Root X2 也簽了 E5~E9:

We also created 5 new P-384 ECDSA intermediate certificates named in sequence from E5 through E9. Each of these is represented by two certificates: one issued by ISRG Root X2 (exactly like our existing E1 and E2), and one issued (or cross-signed) by ISRG Root X1.

所以總共是產生了 10 組 intermediate certificate,然後簽了 15 組 intermediate CA 出來。

另外這邊有個比較特別的是 ISRG Root X1 (RSA 4096) 也簽了 ISRG Root X2 (ECDSA P-384),理論上 ISRG Root X2 這組後續應該也會開始放到各家的 root store 裡面...



另外在紋章裡面提到了 app 應該避免對 intermediate certificate 鎖定 (key pinning):

We are very hopeful that these steps will prevent intermediate key pinning altogether, and help the WebPKI remain agile moving forward.

Intermediate CA 在安全理由上是需要定時更換的,真的要做的話,應該是對 Root CA 做比較好。

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