Cloudflare Zaraz 的新價錢

Cloudflare Zaraz 有點像是 GA4Mixpanel 或是 Amplitude 這種產品:

Cloudflare Zaraz is a solution that developers and marketers use to load third-party tools like Google Analytics 4, Facebook CAPI, TikTok, and others.

剛剛看到 Cloudflare Zaraz 的宣佈的新價錢:「Zaraz launches new pricing」,翻資料的時候發現去年七月的時候也有宣佈過價錢,但當時看起來反彈頗大而暫緩:「Cloudflare Zaraz steps up: general availability and new pricing」。

先看一下去年七月當時宣佈的價錢,這邊用了 Zaraz Loads 這個特別的 term:

If you exceed the free Zaraz Loads allocations, you'll be charged $0.50 for every additional 1,000 Zaraz Loads, but the service will continue to function.

看起來 Zaraz Load 包括了 script loading 以及 pageview event 都各算一次:

A Zaraz Load is counted each time a web page loads the Zaraz script within it, and/or the Pageview trigger is being activated.

這樣的話 1M event 就要 US$500,隔壁棚 Mixpanel 可以在「Pricing - Mixpanel | Product Analytics」這邊試拉,同樣 1M event 只要 $140,難怪當時被幹剿到不行...

這次公佈的價錢則是又用了新的 term,叫做 Zaraz Events,這個看起來就是一般理解的 event:

One of the biggest changes we made was changing the metric we used for pricing Zaraz. One Zaraz Event is an event you’re sending to Zaraz, whether that’s a pageview, a zaraz.track event, or similar.

而價錢直接下殺到 1M event 收 US$5,跟之前的差異巨大:

With the new Zaraz pricing model, every Cloudflare account gets 1,000,000 Zaraz Events per month for free. If your account needs more than that, every additional 1,000,000 Zaraz Events are only $5 USD, with volume discounting available for Enterprise accounts.

只是不知道 Zaraz 可以做到什麼程度,「理論上」會比較陽春,但不知道夠不夠用?

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