Martti Malmi 與 Satoshi Nakamoto 一些早期關於 Bitcoin 的信件

Martti Malmi 把早年與 Satoshi Nakamoto 的信件公佈出來:「Satoshi - Sirius emails 2009-2011」。


I did not feel comfortable sharing private correspondence earlier, but decided to do so for an important trial in the UK in 2024 where I was a witness. Also, a long time has passed now since the emails were sent.

另外這些是有備份到的部分,在改成 的部分就沒備份到了:

The archive is incomplete and contains only emails from my address My university email addresses changed to in early 2011, and I don't have backups of those emails.

這次公開的看起來共 260 封,從 2009 到 2011 的信件,算是新出土的史料... (?)

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