PHP 8.3 相比於 PHP 8.2 的效能提升

找資料的時候意外發現 PHP 8.3 相對於 PHP 8.2 的效能提升好像不算小?目前看到這兩個地方有提到:

前面那篇的 benchmark 數據可以看出來愈大愈複雜的框架,提升的效能就愈多:

  • 乾淨的 WordPress 從 158 rps 成長到 169 rps,大約 7% 的增加。
  • 如果是 WooCommerce 的話從 49 rps 到 58 rps,大約是 18.4%。
  • 接著 Laravel 則是從 670 rps 到 925 rps,提升了 38.1%。
  • Drupal 則是 941 rps 到 1432 rps,提升了 52.2%。

在「Make your app faster with PHP 8.3」這邊提到了 PHP 8.3 改善了很多關於效能的項目。

首先提到的是 JIT 的改善:

The Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler has been further optimized for better efficiency. The execution of scripts is faster and consumes less CPU time. This is especially beneficial for resource-intensive tasks.

然後是 opcode 這邊的改善:

PHP has refined how it handles opcodes (the instructions in the PHP bytecode). Version 8.3 uses more efficient ways to interpret and execute these opcodes. This reduces the execution time of scripts.

然後 GC 機制也改善了:

PHP 8.3 enhances the garbage collection mechanism, which is responsible for freeing memory occupied by unused objects. This results in more efficient memory usage and can significantly improve performance for memory-intensive applications.

array 的改善:

Other improvements include optimizations for handling arrays and an enhanced type system.


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