Power over fiber

Hacker News 上看到「Power over fiber (chaos.social)」這篇,是個透過雷射光傳遞能量再轉回電能的方式。

隨意先拉了其中一個 sku 來看,「3 VDC application; ST Port」的 AFBR-POC404L 單顆要 US$561.79:「AFBR-POC404L」,這顆輸入 1.8W 輸出 0.6W。

另外在「Optical Power Converters」這邊可以看到 AFBR-POC306A1 這顆,輸出可以到 3W,查到的單價則是 US$701.77 (AFBR-POC306A1),這個功率已經連 Raspberry Pi 都可以上了...


  • Fully galvanically isolated power supply without capacitive coupling, suitable for gate drivers
  • Isolation transformer for MRI/RF imaging without the need for filters
  • Optically isolated probes for power electronics with a wider dynamic range than any conventional probe
  • Power source for tethered drones, enabling a higher payload and eliminating the need for battery charging
  • Sensors where power must be immune to EMI, high voltage, and magnetic fields


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